Trump and the Coming Cultural Revolution
Bo Shao

welcome to the usa ,may you forever be happy here and forever have the right to voice your feelings. you may feel dismay at folks that supported trump but it was the hillary and sanders followers those “insidiously, young, naive people were incited to defend and glorify Maoism, and to attack any institution, person, or tradition that stood in the way. Fervent about the communist ideal and fearing the return of the bourgeois ways and exploitation of the disenfranchised, those people formed “Red Guards” and stormed libraries and schools” while the incidents (hillary should have been inerted where mao was)were different, the end result s of these nice little cretins over having lost there progressive leader and drive was the same. i think your misgivings about trumpsters are misplaced. its those anarchist leaning uber liberals that took to the street to vent their rage and hillary nor obama did anything to dissuade them. i can see the narcissitic tendencies you point out with trump.

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