Millennial Desperation: A Tale Told in Memes
Matthew Barad

well matthew for a person with dreams of making a difference with something so big like the climate, a climate that i might add which has been changing drastically for over the last billion years or so, long before your folks desired to bring you into this world to be influenced by the social do gooder generation of teachers and education system that seems to have gotten lost in the fog of everday life and living. i don’t see how your webpage can make a difference in your desire as it comes across as simply a plea for money, money that goes where and to whom for this difference you wish to effect. its a shame that you have such a downbeat attitude for you and those you claim as your generation. the world and our american society within it , are what you make it , its neither good or bad ,it just is, and its ashame that your education didn’t prepare you in a better light for handling it. social do goodism has limits and it takes hard work and lots of capital to make a difference.