Bear, Bolshevik, buffoon, spy: The American tradition of fearing Russia
Meagan Day

while i usually disagree with most things jones’mother, i have to admit to being intrigued with your curiosity about americans perceptions of things russian. i think one of the overlooked similarities is that both countries came out of isolationism within about twenty years of the other. you can call it a sibling rivalry so to speak that thankfully so far has only been deadly on the edges. our sometimes arrogance is matched by their superior inferior complex with themselves and how they feel the world disrespects mother russia. how does one advance when you are always looking for the other shoe to fall and accept the fact that it will. what is it with the russian psych that seems to require a strong man government. do you think its the fact that they are multicultural society by force instead of the multi colored cultural mixing pot we are by choice if one overlooks that tawdry stage of slavery. russian expansion took hundreds of years and as many small and large wars. ours was over and mostly done within a hundred of the founding.

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