The Thrill Of Seeing Your First Book Published

After reading Shaunta Grimes posts on here and following her for some time I thought to my self..oh hell why not, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Who am I? Simply put I’m an Author, yep that’s me and I love to write, but what does it mean to be an author really? I’ll keep you posted over the coming weeks with my Journey.

The thrill of seeing your written word out there for others to enjoy is amazing and the sense of accomplishment is undeniable.

My first book IMMORTALIS is out for pre-order on Amazon right now with the release date of May 26th ( if you would like to that is 😉)

Over the next 6 weeks I will be posting my experiences and tips of publishing that very first book and all it entails.

Who knows I may even tempt some if you to pull out that old manuscript and go for it yourself.

Wouldn’t that be something.

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