These Acts Can Stifle The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship. Learn to Withstand Them.

That’s when the heat becomes pressing.

Oftentimes, we encounter situations that leaves us guessing if actually its real world or just a tailored scenario. Let’s now see some acts that can easily stifle or kill the spirit of entrepreneurship:

Complacency: This attitude is common amongst people with a content notion of their current position or condition. This approach can slowly sniff the life out of your creativity to the business growth inadvertently.

As an entrepreneur, trying something new should be seen as a primary subject of development, considering the fact that people can become stale to particular product / service overtime. Becoming self-satisfied with where you are in your business is certainly not good enough for the development of the idea.
It is overly possible that situations can subject you to lose direction at some point, believe less in yourself, or consider that new idea as just another failed adventure; but keep in mind that it is not wrong or disastrous to experience that, rather it helps you to have a better understanding of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT), while keeping a Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) approach.

Fear Of The Unknown: As humans, it is not a bizarre thing that oftentimes we are afraid of things we consider threatening, especially when the thought of its effect may seem disastrous.
Since we are looking at the perspective of an entrepreneur, the fear of failing is a feeling that builds up when the fate or future of the little or huge investments made on that business is gradually dwindling, with little or no revenue generation. This fear of not been able to continue, or failing, or will I ever make it, can stifle your zeal / perception about the venture’s success.
The truth is: it is not a crime if you feel that way, but what matters is your ability to control the “fear of the unknown”, and focus on the promising future. If not well controlled, it can throw you off-balance, as well make you give up easily; thus, causing you to live behind what could have been a great venture or success story.

Giving Up Easily: Really, this part is the quick one to do by an entrepreneur who considers their effort as no longer effective or engaging to its audience.
Oftentimes when we are faced with great challenges, we are quick to resolving the situation by adopting the only quick way out which is: “giving up or letting go”.
You may have found yourself in a compelling mode to say: “I am tired, and I give up”. But have you ever conceived yourself in a glorious mode, when everything seems to be working just the way you want, and roses falling from the heavens with you under a shade shielded from the heat of the afternoon sun?
Am sure you now see that there is every reason not to give up so soon, because the act of giving up can kill the entrepreneurship zeal that lurks in our heart.

Lack of Follow Up: Usually, when a new idea is conceived especially by budding entrepreneurs, they find themselves on a high spirit, raving and swiping through a stream of possibilities, such as: how much the idea will generate, how famous they could get if known etc.
And as such, they become quickly carried away without making appropriate plans on how much input the idea will need, the best possible resources, or the capital implications (if any). Whether you are in business or aspiring, it is best to constantly do a follow up on our plans no matter how minute the input maybe at that time.

Worrying Unnecessarily: If you need one good reason to abandon the past and just concentrate on the here and now, then you will live longer. Aside from the fact that worry does nothing to improve your lot, it also affects your health in more ways than most people appreciate. It is estimated by medical practitioners that the number one cause of stress is our psychological involvement resulting from over thinking. Worry, whether it is about the past or future, is not a good friend to the health. Well of course the inevitable question that arises now is: how do you stop worrying? From the caption on True Love publication one writer Dale Carnegie, suggests that you use the tactic for success employed by Sir William Osler: shutting out the future and the past to create day-tight compartments. “The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today’s work superbly today,” writes Mr. Carnegie. “That is the only possible way you can prepare for the future.”
Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, just focus on the positive and optimistic part of things, instead of wallowing in pessimism and negativity. That way, you are guaranteed worry free.

When you can stand up to these acts, you will certain understand how to control difficult situations regardless of pressure.

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