SNL Would Be Crazy and Wild Guys If They Didn’t Hire These 10 People

With Saturday Night Live losing some key players, they need to hire these people. (This is a completely unbiased list)

1. Jude Tedmori

This guy is great. Funny, smart, and completely original and humble.

2. Jude Tedmori

Saturday Night Live (or as I call it SNL) always needs a cool guy and this is their guy!

3. Jude Tedmori

I can’t look at this guy without laughing

4. Jude Tedmori

SNL needs a guy like this. He has his own camera.

5. Jude Tedmori

This is a guy for the millennials.

6. Jude Tedmori

SNL needs a guy like this. A guy who has seen all 6 Star Wars Movies

7. Jude Tedmori

SNL…hello…. Wake up and hire me… I mean this guy

8. Jude Tedmori