there has to be more
Web Smith

I grew up without religion, and as an outsider I always found it a bit scary that some people can be so convinced that they know the truth . I tried to wear the athiest hat once, but it’s just as much a bunch of people trumpeting that they know the truth as religion is. Seems like it is all about absolutes.

I think that those who claim to know the truth are the minority though. I like to think that there are billions of people out there who just believe and don’t need to quantify it as something tangible. They just follow their inner guidance and that connection to the unknowable that they trust.

To me “something more” is the idea that people perpetuate a force when they take action through this belief and trust. Something that is and has been following a pattern throughout time and that is immeasurable. Where it is headed… well I can only hope that there is an answer to the suffering.

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