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Wow, you’ve really opened up a can of worms here (and I mean that in a very good way!). For all the talk about how technological advances are occurring at such a rapid pace, we’re only recognizing in retrospect that we aren’t always able to keep pace — and that’s exactly what you’re pointing out here; that parental and school-based support and response to cyber-bullying is way behind — as a society, we haven’t responded rapidly enough to the dangers and consequences of cyber-bullying, and we’re already seeing the damage that you’ve written about here (suicides, changes in social behaviours, etc). As a father to three young daughters myself, I’m very concerned about this topic. As a professional technologist, I’m even more concerned. And, by “concerned” I mean in both ways: hoping to protect my kids from cyber bullies, and hoping to teach them enough to avoid being one! This article is a great perspective into the current situation, which clearly needs a LOT of attention in the coming years.

Well done, Abdi.

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