How to destroy someones first impression of you.

I drink. I smoke. I party. I travel and I travel a lot. I have fun.

Would you think about that? After you read my story? After you read how many times I was so close to death?

Well, since not so many people know what my life has been like and almost no one knows about my illness, I often surprise people. And I love it. It makes our relationship a little more intimate.

I had to go to a doctor for my health review, so I can get my disability pension. They go through all of your medical reports and ask questions about your health. I had white bleached hair and big blue contacts that day. After two hours, when I was leaving, the nurse stopped me and told me that Im leaving as a completely different person than the one from 2 hours ago. The older I get, the more it happens to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around telling everybody about my life. But people are curious. They feel there is something more to you. As bad as it may sound, Im not completely honest when I meet someone the first time. And that is how I destroy someones first impression of me.

I know that everything I do, like that partying stuff is bad for me. But I cant just sit around and wait. I love to have my kind of “normal life” even if it will fuck me up.

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