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A lot of freelancers create a template Cover Letter and copy-paste it without changes for all proposals but it is a big mistake. Cover Letter for each job and client should be personal as much as possible to achieve high response rate from clients.

I don’t have a template for a cover letter, but I’ve created a certain structure for myself, which I use in each cover letter:

  1. How will I do a job (with technical details);
  2. My experience with similar projects or technologies;
  3. Estimated deadline and time duration in hours divided into milestones;

Upwork introduced new profile section — Popular projects. It is good place to show your offers and cases for clients. You can add up to 3 items with Title, Description, Skills and Price Range.

Previously, I advised add possible cases and predict client wishes in arcticle about filling profile. From now it is better to show cases in new Popular projects section. You can add up to 3 items. My projects example:

  • MVP Prototype: Flutter (iOS Android) mobile app;
  • Production-ready: Flutter (iOS Android) mobile app;
  • All-in-one: Flutter mobile app + Back-end.

I decided to separate my case by price range…

Upwork has dynamic fees for freelancers: from 20% when you earn less than 500$ with current client and to 5% when an amount of money of all operations between client and freelancer reaches 10000$. In addition, Upwork charges 2.75% from a client, so total fees are: 7.75%, 12.75%, and 22.75%.

How are the fees calculated?

Amounts and commissions (payments for different projects are added):

Example of how much commission you will pay on project with a new client with budget $15000:

Total commission from $15000 will be $1712.5 ($1300 will pay freelancer and $412.5 will pay client), earlier we would pay for this project $1500.

Getting a ban on Upwork is easy because many of the rules of the freelance platform are not obvious, especially for novices. In most cases ban is not permanent and freelancer can fix violation and work more, but not always. Studying possible causes of ban on Upwork will help you to avoid them in the future.

Small applications response rate

This is the most popular cause of ban. If you send a large number of applications and do not receive a lot of responses from client, Upwork may block your account due to mismatched to market. …

Upwork provides two payment option for a job: hourly when freelancer track time via Upwork Desktop App and client pays him weekly, and fixed-price when a job is divided into milestones and client pays partially or for a whole project. Anyway, Upwork gives money protection for both types.

Many of my friends like to work hourly. This option is simpler, more stable and less risky. If you spend more time than originally planned, there will be fewer problems. …

You should be professional in narrow specialization to earn big money on Upwork. Clients want freelancers, who can do work well and fast on their specific job instead of workers, who can do everything but without quality and speed.

Choosing a niche (specialization) is an important step to increase freelancer’s success on Upwork. Clients want professionals, who can work fast and guarantee good result instead of freelancers who can do everything but not very well.

Narrow niche examples: “Travel video” for video editing; “Zend Framework” for PHP development, “Medical content” for translations and so on.

Wide niche examples: Web developer…

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Step-by-step guide of how to fill Upwork profile and achieve 100% completeness. A lot of freelancers don’t pay a lot of attention to their profiles and it is a huge mistake which causes a low response rate from clients and small earnings. Upwork is most popular freelance platform right now and freelancers should spend the huge effort to interest the client.

You will find complete information about filling profile on Upwork: title, Overview, hourly rate, photo and video, portfolio, work history and feedback, skills and tests, education and employment history, certifications and other experience…

April 2, 2019

Upwork announced new connect system, which will take effect between May-June of 2019. Free connects will be removed. Connect price will be reduced from $1 to $0.15. Freelancers will spend more connects for job applications.

What will be changed?

  • Freelancers will not receive free 60 connects per month;
  • 1 connect price will be $0.15 instead of $1. However, you can’t buy 1 connect, only packs: 10, 20, 40, 60, 80;
  • Paid (Plus) account for freelancers will cost $15 instead of 10$. In addition to existing benefits, paid account receive 70 connects monthly ($10 equivalent);
  • Upwork will return connects if a client…

Office and remote work online are very different. When working remotely freelancers have freedom and can earn more. Especially it concerns freelancers from Asia and Africa because Upwork allows them to work with clients all over the world. On the other hand, offline work is more stable and much easier. Pros and cons of offline work and freelancing on Upwork.

  • You should know how to sell your skills, high professional skill is not enough;
  • You should improve your skills. …

Many young mothers often wonder how to earn extra money and self-actualize during maternity leave, while devoting enough time to family and child. The article will look at the benefits of freelancing during maternity leave and give recommendations on how to be a successful mother and freelancer.

Work through the Internet provides great opportunities for young mothers. A woman can work on a free schedule, giving enough time to her child. At the same time, she can do what she likes and earn money.

Based on the lifestyle and needs of a young mommy, quite specific principles of ideal work…

How to Freelance — blog about freelance on Upwork

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