Human-AI Collaborated Graffiti

Human-AI Collaborated graffiti painted in Graffiti Alley, Cambridge.
Graffiti Alley in Cambridge, a continuously evolving alley where dozens of artists come by to paint everyday.
Left: graffiti pictures from the training set. Right: graffiti designs generated by the AI.

Graffiti #1 by IMAGINE

IMAGINE and Pinar are posing in front of the human-AI collaborated graffiti in Graffiti Alley, Cambridge.
IMAGINE is working on her AI-collaborated graffiti piece (she kindly invited Pinar to paint some of the background as well, yay!)

Graffiti #2 by SOBEK

Human-AI collaborated graffiti painted by SOBEK.
SOBEK and his son (our youngest collaborator) are working on human-AI collaborated graffiti piece.

Do you want to collaborate with AI?

AI-generated graffiti designs.

BONUS ART: Guernica inspired by AI-generated graffiti

Painting inspired by Picasso’s Guernica, and AI-generated graffiti design.

Special Thanks to Chopper





Can AI inspire us to push the boundaries of creativity? #ai #deeplearning #art #creativity #mit

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How to Generate (Almost) Anything

How to Generate (Almost) Anything

Can AI inspire us to push the boundaries of creativity? #ai #deeplearning #art #creativity #mit

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