How to get into Pharmaceutical Sales

I have been working as a pharmaceutical sales representative for the last 17 years, and during this time, I always get a connstant question brought to me:

How can I become a drug rep ?

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Pharmaceutical Sales Requirements

There is a lot of consusion about the requirement to become a pharmaceutical sales rep.

The first one is that applicant are required to complete any certification or licesing to become a drug rep

The answer is: NO.

There isn’t any certification necessary to become a pharmaceutical sales rep , but to possess a bachelor’s degree is a-must!.

It doesn’t really matters the topic or field of study of your degree. I have seen peers of mine carrying college diplomas of practically any field of study.Although with no degree pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to interview you.

There are a few drug companies that require at least a GPA OF 3.0 or above from the applicants to be taken into account for the position, Pfizer being, among them. But in reallity, the majority of the companies don’t pay attention to that. The vast majority ofof the pharmaceutical companies will probably ignore a low GPA.

What is extremely important whenever you want to enter into pharmaceutical sales is to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be dishonest about your college degree or GPA.

When you receive an offer from any pharma company, that offer will be conditioned to the clearance of the background check, which usually will include to get in touch with your college and verify your degree and the GPA.

The terms of the job offer normally express that when the company is unable to confirm your education, the job offer will lose effect. Indeed I witnessed how one representative was sent back home during the initial training because of this.

Disqualifying Factors to Get Into Pharma Sales

There are some other factors that could debar you from being a pharma sales representative.

Some of these criteria factors are:

  • To currently have a criminal track record.
  • Having a terrible credit history.

The principal rationale for this is due to the fact you will get a corporate credit card, so your credit record should be in a decent shape, otherwise they won’t be able to get a corporate credit card for you.

In addition, many hiring managers consider that possessing a lousy credit record means that the candidate has a careless behavior, therefore they often rule out people like that.

Last but not least to have a negative driving record such as a DUI in your history or numerous points in your driver’s license may also debar you from getting the position.

To get a job in this field you will have take a drug test.

The majority of companies will conduct an urine drug test prior to getting hired, nevertheless you can find several pharmaceutical companies which will go beyond that.

For example, the moment I ended up being hired by B&L I had to go through a hair drug test.

In this particular assessment hair is collected out of your body hence they can easily locate narcotic misuse as long as 7 months prior to the test.

For that reason, make certain you maintain your body clean of illegal substances if you expect to enter into this field.

Random drug tests are also very common when you work as a pharma sales rep.

On one occasion I was chosen randomly twice in the month to undertake a narcotic examination while I was working for Pfizer.

The Benefits of Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Once you know you can satisfy this requirements, the real deal starts.

If you have a college degree and no disqualifying factor, you are goog to go, but in most circumstances you might be competing several hundreds applicants for every position in pharma.

But do not worry, there are tactics to put yourself ahead of the others.

However, those techniques aren’t going to be public information due to the fact pharma sales is kind of a closed group.

If you are inside the group, you may move easily from one company to another. That’s why you are going to need tactics that will get your phone ringing and putting you before the recruiting manager to receive the offer.

However without knowing the insights the game can be quite challenging and frustarting and very diffrent than getting a job in other industries.

For this reason I decided to produce something that could clarify the process, the strategies and the secrets to secure a position as a rep.

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After being hired by half a dozen different pharmaceutical companies I have got the knowledge and a strong understanding to coach you through the steps.

I personally started in a completely unrelated field.

I was initially employed in the aviation industry, specifically the security division of a top arline and I was able to break into pharma.

If I could make it, you can make it too !

You MUST know what you are doing if you want to become a drur rep, if not, it will be like trying to perform an open heart surgery without the required expertise.

Catastrophe is the only probable outcome.

In my career I was affected by widespread layoffs and 2 the organizations I worked for went bankrupt.
Some of those situations happened during the economic collapse of 2009. That was the time when the pharmaceutical industry took a horribe hit.

I noticed how some of my colleagues were jobless for a couple of years, yet I was able to obtain a job quickly, because those hard scenarios I faced bafore, prepared me to understand and develop the vital skills necesary to get a job in this industry before my competitors.

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