Introduction of 2D HIFU Machine for Sale

The brief working principle of 2D HIFU machine for sale
The Focused ultrasound makes full use of its unique high intensity focused ultrasound to enhance the loosing of SMAS layer, which can fully solve the relaxation problem of the face. it will 4.5mm fascia ultrasonic energy precise positioning in the skin, to fascia muscle growth pulling to shaping, pulling, compact * collagen layer effect. Effect on skin 3mm, the new recombinant collagen, to restore skin elasticity, whitening, anti wrinkle, shrink pores and other aging problems.
At the same time, because the energy is swept through the epidermis, so no need to worry about the epidermis injury, but also make the skin quickly lift, compact contour, quickly smooth wrinkles effect.

Technology advantages of 2D HIFU Equipment of Bestview
1. hair can hit 11 lines at most, the maximum energy area width 10mm. can adjust the corresponding parameters according to the size of the skin area, greatly shorten the operation time, make the energy point of the skin more uniform, better curative effect.
2. the use of high-tech the most advanced technology, according to the condition of facial skin with two treatment head, accurate effect of different skin depth, skip the energy for skin, without any damage. At the same time 100% treatment head skin depth match with the set value, to ensure that customers painless comfortable.
3. the thermal effect of dermal collagen and collagen fibers on the fat layer and the fascia layer (SMAS) has thermal stimulation, the treatment effect is far better than that of hot Maggie.
4. the operation is simple, convenient, no consumables, greatly reduce the cost of treatment.
5. after the treatment can immediately see the effect of tightening molding, a treatment can maintain for at least 18 — -24 months, every year to achieve a negative growth of the skin age.
6. makeup immediately after treatment, does not affect normal life and work with this:
Tighten the loose skin, remove the pattern, mouth, mouth, double chin
Improve the eye skin problems forehead forehead skin firming wrinkle Firming
Solving forehead wrinkles and solving neck aging problems
Quickly smooth wrinkles, inhibit the skin of the neck, improve the skin
Restoring skin elasticity and firming.