How to Extend Your Laptops Life by Cleaning the Dust Heat sink

Andrew Franklin
Mar 28, 2018 · 5 min read
Laptop Dust Clean

This is a basic go through on how to clean the dust out of a laptops heat Sink. John (not his real name) used this method to clean their Toshiba best laptop for Linux wondered why manufacturers did not recommend it for exceptional results. “There was so much dust in there!” he exclaimed. Sometimes the laptop gathers too much dust creating layers on the interior of the laptop that can be difficult to eliminate.

Most of the time dust blocks the inlet, outlet of your computer and this might lead to overheating. These are the major signs of overheating: very hot air coming out of the outlets and shutting off the computer, uncommon hot base, or sudden shut-offs without clear reasons. There are more signals at the end of this article to show the heatsink needs cleaning. This may damage the components inside the laptop if your computer does not have settings for automatic shutoff because of overheating.

Practice Caution if Interested in Warranty

You should not tamper with any sticker or seal while doing this. This is because you leave some marks on screws or covers may compel the company not undertake any repairs or replace your computer. You should always remember that in before you begin the process. Never spoil your chance to enjoy the warranty.

This is a quite simple process but can present a lot of chances of dropping tiny screws .If you are not good with screwdrivers please hire a professional to do this for you. Otherwise you might end up losing a lot of important screws thus exposing your laptops interiors.

Identify the Problem

John had noticed that the CPU cooler had a lot of dust in the heatsink, fan, and the pipes. He wondered why the temperature was usually too high when gaming. This can also happen when you are using multiple features on the laptop. In this case, you are advised to use a can of air and clean the heatsink without removing it. If you think it is necessary to remove the covering to reach the heatsink then go ahead because it is more effective this way.

Make sure to fully clean off the old paste and apply new paste. Paste it as with much as possible to ensure satisfying results. Applying thermal paste is usually simple but requires close attention to give enough air to reach optimal results.

The Cleaning Procedure

The fan cover at the back of the laptop should be easy to recognize. In most laptops it is the only part that is screwed at the back. You unscrew this cover and overturn your laptop. It is recommended to place a piece of cloth or something of that sort down before overturning your laptop.

The next step is to identify the hex screws and then unbolt them with a hex driver. If you don’t have a hex driver then you can use a small flathead screw that fits well without causing scratches. It is not the best idea but can serve the purpose well enough.

When the first cover comes off you will see the copper heat sink at the top that sends off heat through many vanes as air passes through.

There are five tiny Phillip head screws that can be easily lost if not careful. Be extra cautious with this. To see the significant difference of this process ensure take some shots before you clean and after.

Where the Dust Gathers

Some laptops accumulate layers of dust which might be 1mm thick on the heatsink. But after cleaning the heatsink will be sparkling clean. The center can have a blanket thickness of 3mm of dust. The fan blades are no exception; they will also be covered in dust.

A vacuum cleaner is pretty useful in this context. It has an attachment that can help you reach most of the dust with a brush that can help in scrubbing the stickier dust from the surfaces.

The recommendation on how regular you should clean your laptop is one year. Many people have laptops that have gathered plenty of dust over years of service.

Why Producers Don’t Recommend Cleaning

Laptops get damaged faster when they gather dust without being cleaned. The process is not recommended because there are chances of having marks on the screws and the cover of the computer. The providers will not accept the laptop or will need extra cash to replace it or repair it. A secrete you should know is producers want business for their products and would want you going back for another laptop after this one is dead. A cleaned laptop has a long life.

Life Hack

To help you avoid scratching the screws and the surfaces use a rubber band on the opening screws. Pick some rubber bands to add in your toolbox. It might take you a while to find exactly the screw drivers you need to open up the laptop but you can be creative with the present drivers in your toolbox to service your laptop.

When Do I Clean My Laptop

The computer is quite complex machine and can be tricky to understand. It is necessary to call a professional cleaner to clean it. You can save cash if you took a few hours on your own to do the cleaning yourself. So when should I clean my laptop?

  • One signal that the laptop needs cleaning is failure to switch on at the press of the power button.
  • The laptop base is hot during use
  • The battery taking a short period to be drained off power
  • When there is emission of hot air from the vents when you are using
  • When it takes a long time to load basic programs on your computer

There are other ways to clean your laptops heat sink but not as effective as this method. One of these ways is by blowing the laptop with compresses air through the fan. To see the effect of this process, observe the dust blowing through the vent. Repeat this process several times to achieve great results. This process will only work well when the dust is not stuck on the surfaces.

What you Require

You will need the following to carry out these procedures successfully: vacuum cleaner, cleaning items like, screw drivers (for Phillips head flat head), a clear piece of cloth to avoid losing the screws and a paste.

In Conclusion

Some people are naturally unable to handle appliances of any kind. It wouldn’t hurt if you called for some help. You might end up damaging everything.

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