Credit to Steinar La Engeland — Unsplash. Rad picture mate!

The Fine Art Of Appearing Self Employed Rather Than Unemployed — A Guide For New Freelancers

A guide for the new freelancer trying to find their place in the world, hopefully it helps you bring esteem to our profession.

Do hold all your meetings at lunch time so you can mention how you’re claiming the food as a tax benefit

Don’t wear tracksuit pants outside of the house unless it’s an ironic statement

Do carry a laptop around and mention you’re on the way to a meeting at all times

Don’t work out of a McDonald’s their WiFi is horrible

Do work out of a café (bonus points if you Instagram it)

Don’t carry business cards (that’s so 2013), tell people to find you on Dribbble instead

Do wake early, exercise, eat a good breakfast & finish at least 1 hour of work before 6:30am

Don’t drive your car, riding a push-bike everywhere shows your commitment to freedom

Do read Medium daily then casually drop it into conversations (eg. “oh I don’t read newspapers anymore, only Medium”)

Don’t spend all your time on social media… unless that’s your job, then Do it

Do attend client meetings in confusing clothing (like shorts with a jumper), always keep them guessing

Don’t order a flat white, it’s a short macchiato or nothing

Do make sure your coffee is Fair Trade, otherwise how will you know it’s good?

Don’t start conversing with neighbours who are also home during the day

Do be vague when asked about what you do, so as not to confirm or deny that you are in fact not doing anything