HowZone has launched a major new release of its online learning platform born out of the three universal truths that guide us:

1) Shared interests unite us

2) We all have something to learn

3) We all have knowledge to share

A HowZone Learning Community focuses on a single broad topic — broader and more comprehensive than a typical online course — and gives people who are interested in that topic a place to gather and connect with others who share their interests.

There are two kinds of Learning Communities:

  • Public Learning Communities: Are open to all and welcome people at all skill levels from beginner to expert. …

For companies and individuals, it’s pretty well known that sharing useful information is a great way to gain recognition and respect within your community. There are a variety of ways to do that. Blog posts, sharing links to articles or commenting in forums like Reddit and Hacker News.

HowZone Video Journeys represent a new way to share know-how that’s easy and powerful. And out of respect for the people who share knowledge, — we call them Curators — Video Journeys are designed to help them maximize their exposure in two important ways:

First, each Video Journey has a Preview with social sharing links and a one-click enrollment button. Curators can promote their Video Journey by sharing the preview link with their followers, friends and colleagues. …

Team HowZone has been busy building our product and we’re happy to announce we’re ready to get the show on the road. We couldn’t have done it alone so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the awesome beta testers, advisors and others who have shared opinions and ideas.

Thank you for helping us build something great!

Starting today, HowZone is giving people free access to our unique platform to share their passion and their knowledge with the world.

They’ll be among the first to create our exclusive Video Journeys and claim their role as a HowZone Curator for the topics they’re most passionate about. …

A Better Way to Learn From YouTube

YouTube is a popular destination for learning because it has how-to videos for almost anything. Naturally, some videos are better than others but there’s a lot of good information to be found. Unfortunately, when you find good info, the person that’s talking often gets off topic and wastes your time. So if you’re like most people, you skip over those parts.

In other words, this is how people learn from YouTube:

  1. They search for the topic they’re interested in
  2. Sort through the search results to find the best ones
  3. Watch and skip over the off-topic parts to focus on the best…

For Genuine Experts, it’s About the Journey

The word “Journey” means a lot to us at HowZone because it really captures what we’re about.

Take a moment to let us explain what we mean by that.

Think about something you’re really good at. How did you get there? You didn’t become an expert by taking a course or two, watching some videos and reading a couple blog posts. You may have started out in school or university, or maybe you started out learning on the internet, but it took time and you enjoyed the process. And if you can genuinely call yourself an expert, your learning hasn’t ended but you don’t learn the way you did when you started out. You may have a mentor to guide your learning, or maybe it’s your colleagues or maybe you refine your expertise by teaching or mentoring others. …

The HowZone Story

Imagine you want to start woodworking as a new hobby, you’d turn to Google to sort through millions of search results. You’d find articles, blogs, plans and tool suppliers and have access to nearly everything you need to become a master woodworker.

In one big, disorganized, overwhelming pile.

Out of frustration, you might search for “online woodworking courses” and find courses on various topics presented in various ways. You may sign up for a couple, set up your wood shop and complete a few projects. …


Our Learning Communities™ are where you connect and learn with people from around the world who are passionate about the same topics as you.

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