Share Knowledge, Get Followers

For companies and individuals, it’s pretty well known that sharing useful information is a great way to gain recognition and respect within your community. There are a variety of ways to do that. Blog posts, sharing links to articles or commenting in forums like Reddit and Hacker News.

HowZone Video Journeys represent a new way to share know-how that’s easy and powerful. And out of respect for the people who share knowledge, — we call them Curators — Video Journeys are designed to help them maximize their exposure in two important ways:

First, each Video Journey has a Preview with social sharing links and a one-click enrollment button. Curators can promote their Video Journey by sharing the preview link with their followers, friends and colleagues.

Journey Previews drive engagement and help promote the Journey.

Second, all Curators have Social Profiles with links to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Social Profiles are linked from the Journey Preview and from the Journey itself.

Social Profiles help people connect with the Curator via their social profiles.

Both the Journey Preview and Curator Social Profile have distinct and sharable URLs and are they will not only appear in search results but will give search engine crawlers an additional connection to the Curators social profiles.

HowZone Curators are honored members of the HowZone Community and we want to do all we can to help them gain recognition and raise their position in their communities.

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