The aim of the HOX project is to bring people into real-life happiness by using the venom of today’s technology as an anti-venom.

HOX token focuses 2 oxytocin hormone extractors Hugging and Donation while people save their pockets.

Hug Oxytocin project makes people real social. Today, everyone has smartphones at…

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Hello friends.

We are offering another way to earn HOX tokens on Twitter. The top 3 people who get the most interaction (Retweet and Like) among those who put the most creative tweet together with a creative photo or picture gonna win the Hox token. While tweeting, it will be necessary to have 4 words below your creative title. Even if one of the following is missing, you will fail according to the competition rules.

#hoxtoken, @hoxtoken #hugoxytocinio @hugoxytocinio (Tg)

1. 100 Hox
2. 50 Hox
3. 25 Hox.

The competition will continue for 1 week.

As of 30.01.2020, the winners will be announced and sent to their accounts immediately. (22:00 deadline)

If you got a FACEBOOK proposition pitched at you now offering you to become one of the founding investors, would you invest in it?

I guess your answer is YES but Facebook wasn't what you now know it to be when the proposition was been pitched years ago, same goes…


The HOX project is a unique project that strives to bring wholesome happiness to all humanity. The philosophy driving the project is based on empirically proven scientific research.

More exciting is the model of earning while becoming happy and sharing happiness.

Science has proven…

We investigated that dating apps which are blended with lovelessness and insincerity give people some hope and many frustrations. That is why we have put forward the idea of Hugo App and HOX that allow real hugs and donation campaigns. These activities are crowned with discounts at the meeting points and rewards to be made by the app.

You have a golden opportunity to be a part of this phenomenon.

Kindly visit any of our channels and platforms to know more.

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Visit our website for more information

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The HOX project is a robust solution stop gap that provides the following opportunities


✔️Event arrangement

✔️Donation event,


🥂Offers coffie and restaurant discounts at meeting points

This will be deployed in 3 months, however in the in interim we have another game app to gain HOX token (ready for release)

You will be able to send and receive your gained HOX to Hugo, exchanges and your friends.

For more information, visit any of our channels/platforms.
intro video:

HOX : sharing happiness 💜♥️❤️

What is the HUGO app?

Our app will aim to re define the way we interact with each other. With the HUGO app you will be able to

Setup meetings with friends and get discounts at your favourite meeting points (coffe shop, restaurants, bowling place, etc...)

Setup or join donation organisation (to help the most needy amongst us)

Make new 'real' friends

Create clubs and share with others who have the same passion/hobbies

All fuelled by our HOX tokens!

Our Platforms /Channels
intro video:


considers bringing people into real-life happiness by using the venom of today’s technology as an anti-venom.

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