Blue sky ideation

group picture

Individual idea generation

I sketch 30 ideas I have in mind before the brainstorming session focusing on one theme which is

“People need a way to prevent slippery floor because they might trip and injure themselves in the bathroom.”

New warm up game

I created a new warm-up game by combining three games we played in class. I combined the zip, zap, game, the one sentences story and the one action one sentences game. ( explain the game that I combined: zip, zap, is a game where one person pointed at another person say zip with a clay and that person point at another person and say zap, etc). One sentences story is a game where each person say one sentence, and the person after has to say a sentence that’s connected to the sentence said by the person before. One action one sentences is where we do one motion and say what you are doing with that action until we all run out of ideas and change action.)

So I created a game called “Bam Bam Words”. It’s similar to zap, zip because you have to point at another person and make it sound, but we have to say a sentence to create a story on top of that.

(Above are us doing one same motion like zap, zip but with one sentence stories)

So I asked 7 people to come to my brainstorming session. I asked more than 4 people, in case, sometimes happened and some people couldn’t attend the brainstorming session. I reserved a room in Walter studio to do this session. I didn’t know it’s a radio studio, it feels like our voice is being separated by the air. There’s no echo when we clap, it just neat one clap sound. It feels like we are on a radio show when we doing this, because of the monitor and camera behind us. It feels professional!

Session organization

It was wonderful everybody came, some of my friends even brought her friend to the brainstorming session, everything was fun and wonderful!

There are seven participants overall.


The first participant is Amelia, she is a freshman in the college of liberal art; currently, majoring in English. She is studying for pre-med in CLA right now. She loves Belgian chocolate, so I bought some.

The second participant is Ayan. She is a freshman in the college of liberal art too. She is majoring in bioscience, and she is also studying pre-med in CLA right now. She also loves k pop.

The third participant is Mandy. She is also a freshman in the college of Libera Art. She said she is undecided on her major, but she told me her major would probably be math, and definitely not physic. She is very good at math and physic.

The fourth participant is Christina. She is a freshman in CFAN. She is majoring in environmental science. We meet each other during the welcome week and she accidentally touches her Henna and had to redo it.

The fifth participant is Vianna. She is undesigned on her major. She is currently at CLA. We used to have classes together in Normandale. She is in the campus orchestra band right now. She plays the violin and her band performed on Monday in Ted Mann hall on West Bank, it was awesome. I watched it online life, you guys should watch it too! It’s free for everyone! She also brought her friend Lily to my brainstorming session.

The sixth participant is Lily. She is majoring in art in CLA. Vianna just asked her in class and she said yes right away! I can see passionate fires burning in her eyes when she drew those sketches! I can definitely tell that she major in art with that passionate energy radiating around her!

The seventh participant is Jin. He is currently in CFAN and he wants to switch it to Cdes. He already got the letters from Cdes that he can transfer to Cdes next semester! He was thinking about majoring product design or interior design.

I brought Belgian chocolate and Carmel popcorn to thanks them. I should have brought more if I know all of them are showing up :D!

We did fourth mins of the brainstorming session. At the beginning, I run them through my 30 sketches and told them roughly how the process is going to go and don’t worry about the idea work or not. Every idea had its own value and every idea is great and we don’t want to critique them while we are generating ideas.

I have stopped them couple times when they are stuck, and I tell them to pick a word from a paper I have printed out from the class slides and build on it.

I also tell them to think of a hero or actor and build on them if they are stuck and they can build on existing ideas. There are also times I have to stop them from critiquing the sketches after they present it to everyone.

It was difficult to stop people from talking about the sketch right away after they finish, everyone was commenting each other right after.

IPM( Ideas per minute per person)=(34/40)/6=0.1416, so around 0.14 ideas per minute per person.

IPM of the session is 34 ideas within the 40 minutes. I count the IPM as 6 person. Because Jin came in after we finished brainstorming, so I didn’t count him in the IPM data, but he sketch down 2 ideas really quick.

I didn’t participate in the brainstorming session. I focus on the innovative role on this brainstorming session and suggest them what to do when they are stuck and help them to stick ideas on the wall. It was great!!

Sorting and voting

Christina votes first after 30 minutes into the brainstorming, because she has a test 30 minutes later, so she has to leave.

After 40 minutes, we stopped and vote for the ideas. We voted on the base that we think the ideas are innovative and feasible at the same time. We each get ten votes for the session. We use neon color book mark strip to vote.

Then, after voting the best ideas. We categorize the ideas into two part.

The line in the middle is the separate line for two section. The left section is “innovative ideas that are out of space”.The right section is “innovative ideas that are more realistic prone”.

In the “out of space” section, we had crazy ideas like “vacuum for earth”, “swimming pool walkway”, “Army of cats”, melted rubber ducks”,”catch-ma”,”hanging bathroom”.

In the “realistic” section, we had more realistic ideas like “slanted floor”, “raised platform”, “drying elevator”, “slipper absorb water”’”Towel self-dry”, “drying tunnel”.

Top ideas

  1. The first idea is produced by Lily. it’s called Catch-Ma. It’s a giant guy who is 6ft, bulky, wearing short pants, sunglasses, with flower nipples. It can be human or robots. “If you fall over in shower, he’s gonna catch you”- Lily

2. The second idea is spike floor by Christina. There are raised little platform like ridges that you can step on and water will go through between the gaps.

3. The third idea is by Vianna. It’s called “wind tunnel”. It’s similar to car wash blower and it dries your body in that tunnel.

4. The fourth idea is by Amelia. It’s called shower elevator, where you go into the elevator, press button to go down and show, and press another button to go back up. It’s like shower capsule but in elevator form.

5. The fifth idea is by Christina. It’s called “army of cat”. She said cat loves to lick water, so you can have an army of real or robotic cat to licks your floor.

6. The sixth idea is from Lily. It’s called”Melt all the rubber duck”. It’s a mat of the melted rubber ducks that prevents slippery floor with the cuteness of rubber duck and the theme of the bathroom.

7. The seventh idea is from Vianna. It’s called”Non slip spray”. It’s a product that you can use to spray on the bathroom before you go in the shower, so made the floor more matte and prevent you from slipping after you came out of the shower.

8.The eighth idea is from Mandy. It’s called “slanted floor”, and I combined with my ideas on her persisting idea. So the slanted floor has a little footstep place where you can step on and the floor will tilt automatically and all the water will go into the bucket at the door and the bucket will be connected to the drain.

9.The ninth ideas are from Mandy, Amelia and me. It’s call Bathroom slippers. We basically just combined our ideas into slippers that have a heating function, absorb water function with suction cups at the bottom to prevent slipping in the bathroom.

10.Our tenth idea is raised a platform mat by Christina and me. We combined our ideas into one, where the plastic platform shaped like a mat, but have tiny holes in it, so that water can leak through the holes to the drain below the mat.


-10/17- create outline

-10/18 start sketching ideas for individual idea generation

-10/19 think about new warm-up games for the brainstorming crew

-10/20 reserve room and work on “session organization” and sorting and voting

-10/21 update blog

-10/22 redraw ideas, 10 “Top ideas” on physical paper

-10/23 scan everything, add pictures to blog

10/24 revise

10/25 turn in the blog, bring 10 physical pages to class