Lazy Bonding

Hoyd Breton
Feb 8, 2016 · 1 min read

Bonding is a beautiful thing. It lets us be more vulnerable, more trusting, more giving. I’ve found that there’s the positive way to bond through time, attention, and acceptance. And there’s also the tempting lazy and negative route to bond through crapping on others, example …

👴 “UGH, what the hell was Mike thinking?”

👸 “UGH, tell me about it!”


I’ve found this negative route of bonding popular in work groups since it doesn’t require the positive bonding expenses of time and attention. I’ve also found that this negative route is toxic since the subject that’s being used to bond are important people to the work group — be it another co-worker, customer, patient, client, etc. I’ve always been sensitive to these type of shenanigans but I’m cranking it up and calling it out.

Your pal, Hoyd

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