Hoyd Breton
Jan 29, 2016 · 2 min read

There are a lot of challenges on my mind. Some of these are important and people depend on me to solve them within a fixed amount of time. Some others are less important but still add to the load that I carry daily. If I don’t take the time to pause and explicitly categorize them — they all blend together and I’m antsy as hell.

What has been working for me has two parts to it. The first part is all about taking inventory of all the things on my mind and prioritizing them. The second part involves blocking out times on my calendar where I give myself permission to think about them based on their priority. Even email checking gets its own time block in the day. This allows me to be pretty damn chill throughout the day since I’m tackling one challenge at a time. I do this daily.

On Sundays, I make changes to my calendar based on how the last week went. Was I too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? I tighten it up and greet the coming week with control.

Your pal, Hoyd

You just read a TinyPost. I’m shrinking the demand of writing a post and keeping it short. I’m grateful for your attention 🙏

Hoyd Breton

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A product designer who values durability, transparency & cadence. Building tools at Squarespace — previously Spotify & Facebook.

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