Esports Weekly — week 4 2019: ELEAGUE, LEC, LCS

Every week, a summary of some of the biggest esports events within the video games I watch.

CSGO: FaZe clan wins the ELEAGUE Invitational

After getting ex-Gambit player Adren, FaZe clan ensured a tournament win at the ELEAGUE Invitational against the teams like BIG, Cloud9 and compLexity. With a rocky start to the tournament by losing 2–0 against Cloud9, FaZe clan reached back all the way to the finals where they met against with Cloud9. In the finals, FaZe clan received a devastating loss on the first map on Mirage with a 16–3 scoreline. However, after the first map FaZe scrubbed the loss off and won the next two consecutive maps. Two immediate highlight plays from the winners were Guardian and Rain.

Guardian 1v4 ACE CLUTCH — Train Map 3
Rain P250 1v3 Clutch — Inferno Map 2

FaZe clan won the tournament with a 2–1 in the finals and Guardian winning the MVP award. This sets up high expectations for them at the 14th CSGO major at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice where they are waiting for the New Challengers Stage.

The major will officially start off at 13th February with the New Legends Stage.

CSGO: All teams are set for the IEM Katowice 14th CSGO Major

This week both the Asia and Americas Minor were finished. The two teams qualifying for major from the Americas Minor were NRG Esports and Furia Esports the Brazilian line-up in where they pushed Team Envy to the 3rd place play-in.

The Asia Minor concluded with the two Australians teams qualifying Renegades and Grayhound gaming pushing the Chinese squad Vici Gaming also to the 3rd place play-in.

In the 3rd place play-in major qualifier, the last two spots were open for grab. In this tournament four teams remained which were North (EU Minor), Team Envy, Winstrike Team (CIS Minor) and ViCi Gaming. The heavy favourites from this tournament were, of course, North with the stable stars Valde and Kjaerbye. However, they disappointed their fans and expectations by losing to ViCi gaming in three a total of maps. The tournament thus ended with the last two teams qualifying for the IEM Katowice 14th CSGO Major Winstrike Team and ViCi Gaming.

The CSGO 14th Major Championship IEM Katowice — Challenger Stage teams

LoL LCS: LCS starts off with its first week

The LCS has been rebranded by removing NA and EU from its title. Now it only consists of the NA teams. The first day started strong with a highly anticipated matchup between Team Liquid and Cloud9. While it was a close game in the beginning, after a pick onto C9’s jungler Svenskeren, Team Liquid was able to secure baron and control the game from there.

Some noticeable teams this week were 100 Thieves, Golden Guardians, FlyQuest, and Clutch Gaming. Even though 100 Thieves put a two-time world champion in the form of Bang in their team. The team was unable to start strong. They fought against TSM and Cloud9 and in both games they lost.

The Golden Guardians in the off-season picked up superstars in the form of Hauntzer, Contractz, Froggen, Deftly and Olleh. However, also they couldn’t show a good performance this week. Losing to FlyQuest and Echo Fox which both arguably has a weaker roster compared to the Golden Guardians.

TSM displayed showed a strong performance on the first day against 100 Thieves but was unable to replicate it against Clutch Gaming on the second. However, TSM’s new top laner did show a good performance and probably showed some doubters wrong about his ability to perform.

Broken Blade 1v1 vs Huni — Week 1 SpringSplit LCS 2019

Another big play from the LCS was Damonte from Clutch Gaming getting a three-man taunt and winning the game-winning team fight.

Damonte three man flank taunt — Week 1 Spring Split LCS 2019
LCS Standing — Week 1 Spring Split 2019 (source: Gamepedia)

FlyQuest started the first week strong with a 2–0 score against the likes of OpTic Gaming and Golden Guardians in which their Midlaner Pobelter won both MVP awards.

All-in-all the LCS started 2019 strong with the 2–0 teams Team Liquid, FlyQuest and Clutch Gaming on top.

LoL LEC: G2 topping the LEC, Misfits slipping up

After the second week of the LEC, G2 remains the only undefeated team currently. G2 defeated both Rogue and Excel Esports in the second week on which on paper G2 should be able to defeat them with a high probability. However, against Excel Esports they had an extremely close game. The problem for them was Caps who stopped Excel Esports baron advances.

Caps popping off — Week 2 Spring Split LEC 2019

Even though Excel Esports did secure baron after, they couldn't close the game and G2 won cause of the strong performances of Caps and Wunder. In the upcoming week, G2 has to compete with SK Gaming and Splyce.

Meanwhile, in the LEC, Misfits the EU superteam dominated all the games up until their match against Vitality. In the early game, both teams were throwing jabs at each other until Vitality finally found a small lead with a teamfight win in the jungle.

The starting point of Vitality controlling the game — Week 2 Spring Split LEC 2019

From this small lead, Vitality like they always do push the advantage hard and finished the game based on that. With this win for Vitality, both teams are tied with a 3–1 scoreline.

LEC Standings — Week 2 Spring Split 2019 (source: Gamepedia)