An ode to PC Format

The sad news broke today that, after nearly 25 years in print, PC Format is shutting its doors this month. Along with other magazines of its ilk, like PC Advisor and ComputerActive, PC Format is responsible for a great deal of my fascination with technology and its applications from an early age. Along with others I know, PC Format has had a huge effect on my life. Without it, I doubt I would be sitting here writing on Medium today, let alone have a fledgling career in software development.

It’s a weird paradox. As technology moves on, it kills the publications that in all likelihood introduced their innovators to the computer industry in the first place. Like other industry magazines that stopped publication before it, there will doubtless be disseminations of why PC Format failed, of how it could have kept up with the times – but those can come later. For now, let us mourn a magazine that introduced many of us to the lives we live today.

Godspeed, PC Format.

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