Types of Mouth Guards That Can Protect Your Teeth

While you can always get your teeth restored after they are damaged, nothing is better than having a natural smile. So, your first priority needs to be the protection of your teeth. Talking about the protection, the first thing that may come into your mind is the use of mouth guard. However, you may wonder what type of mouth guard you can go for. Well, it depends upon your specific requirements.

A brief discussion about the types of mouth guards may be helpful in this regard.

Athletic Guards

These mouth guards are prepared to prevent any dental injury during sports. If you are playing any sport that requires you to deal with the ball catching or getting in contact with the other players, you are at the higher risk of getting your teeth cracked, broken or losing one or more teeth entirely. To prevent such damage, you can wear an athletic mouth guard which is specifically designed to absorb the pressure that comes from the impact. Three main types of athletic guards are worth mentioning in this regard.

  • The first category is of the stock mouth guards which are normally available on the drugstores. This is the cheapest option you can go for. And the quality of these mouth guards is also not up to the mark. It means that this mouth guard is not going to last longer.
  • The second type of athletic mouth guards is the ‘boil-and-bite’. This mouth guard is also available at the drugstores but it is of the higher quality as compared to the stock mouth guards. This is the reason that it may be a bit more expensive. As the name suggests, these mouth guards need to be put into the boiling water. The plastic of this mouth guard softens and you have to bite on it. It takes the shape of your teeth and then it fits on your teeth pretty well.
  • The third and the one with higher quality is the custom mouth guard. This mouth guard is the most expensive due to the type of material used and its ability to meet your needs perfectly. Your dentist will take measurement of your mouth and take the impression of your teeth. These measurements and teeth will be sent to the lab where mouth guards are prepared. You will get your mouth guard after a couple of weeks.

Bite guard

Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth are night. This habit can be quite disastrous for the dental health because it can damage the teeth pretty badly. While there may be many reasons for the teeth grinding at night and you need to get those root causes treated, the immediate thing you will have to take care of would be this habit of teeth grinding. For this purpose, you can purchase a night guard. Typically, it will be prepared on the basis of instructions from your dentist. You will simply have to wear it during the night. In some cases, the use of night guard may help you getting rid of the root cause.