A part of this I gave as a talk at 500 startups 3 years back

“A company becomes the people it hires and not the plan it makes” — Vinod Khosla

A great product is an amalgamation of incredible talent and integrated process. When these two aspects coalesce they stretch human capabilities and help deliver the highest outputs.

Incredible People + Integrated Process = Great Product

This document aims to deliver the above with 4 basic propositions

  1. Everyone reports to the user
  2. Lean teams
  3. A+ Teams and The Pygmalion Effect
  4. Creating multiple S curves or periods of Renaissance

“Design is intelligence made visible” — D Hitti

Designers are dependent on other functions to make the experiences tangible. They have to not only have the disposition to collaborate but also galvanize teams to focus on the user and help user empathy trickle down across functions.

Data scientists can help recede design and allow flow from intent to action to be more pointed, they also help understand user behavioural trends and impacts. Front line staff can anticipate user needs and make the experience more personalized. Supply chain experts can help provide for clarity in stock and shipment, critical to building…

Series: Design which Matters — Part 2 of 5

In Part 1 — We elucidated the importance of design and markets, and how organisations need to embrace and practice design.

Now we start decoding the 5c construct — Corroborative, Consistent, Collaborative, Cohesive and Care; which provides a systemic framework for effective design.

In this article, we will be decoding the first of the 5c’s — Corroboration.

Realising peoples latent need and designing solutions which make them act on that need.


“People ignore design that ignores people.” — F Chimero

a. How to look?

Great innovation hides in plain sight, building efficiency or value in a behaviour which is most natural to users also creates a great market opportunity. …

Note: This is a 5 part series published weekly, starting with the fundamental gap in design practice, to a structural approach needed to apply design for corporations.

“Entrepreneurial strategy has more chance of success the more it starts out with the users — their utilities, their values, their realities… the test of an innovation is always what it does for the user. Hence, entrepreneurship always needs to be market-focused, indeed, market-driven. — P Drucker.

This fundamental understanding of creating business value is key to realise the value of design. The Design process is central to innovation and scaling for the…

“Out of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” — Einstein

Customer Acquisition is a failed investment until you have established customer delight

Somewhere in the middle of October food tech industry realised the gaping holes in the value proposition, it was clear that large players were losing customer to new entrants and whilst new entrants had customer they couldn’t retain them. There needed to be a shift from mere growth to how do you achieve frequency and defensibility with the customers acquired.

Also we early on knew that price and quick delivery would self adjust itself as we were already delivering < 45mins…

In my work across projects in Mobile with Pluck we have built and marketed several apps. These have been massively successful helping our clients win several awards (including best mobile application for 2013–14) and millions of active consumers.

While we worked with several global funded start-ups, helping with their product design and development, we only started in India a couple of years back.

Deep diving with the Indian mobile consumer, we have realized that they are the smartest and most aware of their requirements and device capabilities. This is a calculative audience that measures everything from the battery longevity to…

Hozefa Ayyajiwala

Design Leadership. Head of Design — upGrad, HDFC Life, Limeroad, and TinyOwl

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