MODEL MAKING / Junya Ishigami

Junya Ishigami, born in 1974 is a Japanese architect. When designing his designs Ishigami make the building very transparent and give the audience an illusion of invisibility. He has a special bond with nature and it is obvious in his designs. by using flora in his designs he is challenging the cliché of architecture and his opening new doors for this field. Ishigami was the youngest recipient of Architectural Institute of Japan Prize for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT Workshop in 2009, and he also was successful in winning the Golden Lion for Best Project at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennalein 2010. 
I was not inspired by one his work only but I was inspired by his perspective in architecture and the overall results of his works. In his designs and models Ishigami use neutral and natural colours such as white, wood and the natural colours of plants and to make certain things outstanding and to make contrast in his deign he uses black as well.

I have chosen the UTS Tower Building (Building 1) to redesign. This building has been designed in brutalist architectural design, and was completed in 1979. According to my researches in many of the websites this building is referred to as the ugliest building cause of the hash and sharp look that the building has. Brutalist architecture is the movement from 1950s to 1970s and the main element used to make building in this style is raw concrete. This style became very popular in government buildings and institutions.

So I decided to redesign the Tower Building in UTS. The building is much closed and doesn’t get much sunlight in and also when an individual is inside the building they may feel suffocated. In my design there are more open spaces so the space is more open and more lights and it looks contemporary. As this building belongs to University Of Technology so buildings should be quit contemporary.

Initially I used paper to and it was really hard to make the design stable so for my final model I decided to use balsa wood and foam board and the scale of 1cm= 0.5 meters.

The first model is just the basic structure of the building and the solid shape of it and as i designed the next models Igave the design more open spaces and that is the idea that led to my final project

First Model


Ishigami, Junya 2010–12027 Another Scale of Architecture

Ishigami, Junya How small? How Vas? How Architecture Grows

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