Himanshu Pathak

Jun 29, 2020

1 min read

GSOC 2020 week-4

During this week I learnt a lot about kernel-svm. So, this week goal was to complete the implementation of kernel-svm I have implemented the basic structure but right now it is not returning good prediction.


During this week I did a lot of debugging. I have a bad habit of writing buggy code which backfired me this week. As I wasted a lot of time in debugging that messy code of mine and the process is not yet completed. I am still struggling with my code because it is not returning the prediction as I assumed.

The problem of wrong predictions is still there. So, I have to check where the problem might be.

Next week Task

So, My next plan is to write multiple tests for my kernel-svm model and also find where the problem. I have to diagnose my implementation.

Thanks for reading my weekly update:)