Apple, please give me “focus” back in Pages

When I switched from Microsoft Windows on Lenovo til Apple Mac in April 2009 I didn’t embrace the iWorks suite right away. Instead I bought Microsoft Office for Mac and was taken quite some years back compared with the Office for Windows version in those days.

Out of curiosity I started to experiement with Pages and in spite of a somewhat steep learning curve I came to appreacite the simple user interface and especially a function called “focus” that would blank out everything, but the page I was currently working on. That was a great feature and something Word didn’t offer so I started using Pages when writing copy for my eBooks, video scripts and other smaller publications.

Then Apple took “focus” away in a new release of Pages and I stopped using the app.

Thank you Microsoft

Last year I decided to migrate to Office 365 for Mac and to my big surprise Microsoft introduced the “focus” facility in the most recent release of Word for MacOS and even in a much improved version compared with the one Apple had in my first version of Pages.

“Focus” in Microsoft Word for MacOS

You can even have multiple pages across the screen which is great for copy writing as well as layout purposes.

When you move the mouse to the top of the screen you get access to the full menu. Brilliant!

I use Word again now and truly enjoy the “focus” function.

However, as I write a lot I like to use different editing tools simply for the sake of variation, so please Apple, give me focus back in Pages. And while you are working on improving the UI could you also add multiple pages across the screen.

PS. I use Scrivener for writing books and I haven’t found anything matching this app for that purpose yet.