The HPB’s BOE Acceleration Engine Launch Event and the Node Ecosystem Meetup will be held on July 1, 2018 at Shanghai Dongfang Wanguo Conference Center. Over 200 guests, business magnates, partners, and node candidates are invited to witness the launch of the worlds’ first open-source hardware, a historical moment in the evolution of blockchain technology.

The Official Unveiling of the BOE Acceleration Engine

HPB is the first blockchain project in the world to have successfully applied hardware and software to solve TPS congestion issues on the blockchain. HPB deploys a chip-level acceleration engine, focuses on R&D, and promotes the development of open-source blockchain technology from a global perspective. As the core of HPB’s hardware technology, the BOE (Blockchain Offload Engine) is a heterogeneous computing system, including the BOE hardware, the BOE firmware, and compatible system software. HPB achieves high-performance and high-concurrency computing acceleration through integrating CPU serial processing and FPGA/ASIC parallel processing. HPB is going to officially introduce its hardware and architecture, and unveil the BOE hardware acceleration engine at the launch event.

An In-depth Interpretation of the Node Ecosystem and Witness of the Launching Ceremony

HPB Blockchain officially issued the HPB Node Plan on June 19, and will open node applications on the day of the BOE Launch Event. The Node Plan is not only a preliminary examination of the exploratory results achieved by HPB in community governance, but also shakes-off the current rules observed by “pseudo-decentralized” Masternodes. The Node Plan is designed to leverage BOE technology to truly realize the original blockchain design for decentralization, through an efficient dual-election consensus algorithm, and data encryption technology. At the Launch Event, HPB will provide an in-depth overview of the Node Plan and host the Launching Ceremony under the witness of invited business magnets, partners and node candidates.

Industrialists Presence and Participation in the Roundtable on Prospects of Blockchain Technology

Special guests include Pchain CEO Feng Cao, DongFangFuHua Fund President & HPB Advisor Zhen Chen, Founder of Bihu Lu Gu, North American Blockchain Foundation VP Qiong He, VNT Chain Cofounder Butian Huang, Ontology CSO Zhoudong Ji, Unionpay Smart COO Xiaojun Jiang, Bibox Founder Zhen Lei, Shared Finance Founder Qinwei Shi, DotC United Group founder & CEO Yi Shi, Nebulas Founder Guan Wang, Bixin Founder Gang Wu, Bixin VP Yue Xiong, Xinghe Capital Daqi Zhang, BTCC VP Qianjie Zhao (surname in alphabetical order).

This launch event is going to be a milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology, and a new phase of development for HPB. HPB invites you to witness this great moment of unlimited speed evolution!





Opening and Introduction (Moderator: Yuzhu Xu)


Founder & CEO Xiaoming Wang: HPB’s History and Vision

Cofounder & CTO Li Xu: HPB’s Hardware and Architecture

Unionpay Smart COO Xiaojun Jiang: Blockchain + Big Data + Fintech

Nebulas Founder Guan Wang: Thinking in Blockchain


Cofounder & CFO Jinxin Li: HPB Node Ecosystem


Bixin VP Yue Xiong: Why Apply to Run HPB Nodes


HPB BOE & Node Launching Ceremony


The Roundtable: What’s the future of DApp ecosystem of public chains?

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