“2 Page Autobiography”

I was asked by someone important in life to write a 2PA which is definitely outside of the work I usually produce, you can imagine why. Apologies for a rocky read or if anything was left Blank.

I am the oldest of two, my younger sister Madeleine is the other. She was born in ’97 and me ’94. I am closest to her out of my little brother and step siblings. Our parents divorced in ’01 for adult reasons. Good for them for knowing they are happier apart.

I went to Blue Valley North HS and was very involved. Did a lot of geeky things like improv comedy, tennis squad, and marching band. I collected American comic books then and still do now. Alan Moore is my favorite writer, Rafa is my player, and I can blow the sax like Mr. Clinton.

I had many jobs that built me up in HS and college. Most notably at my dad’s startup working on a product to reduce diesel engine idle time in OTR trucks. I needed to forge my own path rather than follow his, however. No offense to him or his company because I learned a lot of good stuff.

I attended Indiana University at the Kelley School of Business for Economic Consulting and Public Policy Analysis where I graduated in December of ’16 a semester early. I was on the rowing team and was a member of a fraternity. My best friends in the city are because of the house, for that I’m most grateful. My job is easier because of my education and activities, which was a relief when I started at EY in Value Added Tax.

I chose global tax because I plan to live and work abroad for foreign governments. I want to stay in the city for as long as makes sense for my life, either for career or people. This was a very surface level summary of my life, more professional than anything else. If an aspect of my life that I have written about needs more detail I would be happy to provide it. Some things are better talked about in person and I look forward to doing so.