Supai, AZ


After hiking down the hills for a bit, I found myself at such an enchanted garden theater! I had never seen it before. Although I wasn’t able to find a spot where I could catch the sun touching down the horizon near the garden, I loved the glow that seeped plenty into the atmosphere. The sky was already turned orange and pink, and the soft hues started lighting up the surroundings. I could see the sun still hitting some parts in the garden, but I couldn’t get close to them nor go around farther to get a different angle. Nonetheless, the sight that I caught was beautiful enough. Wondered why though this theater tucked away hidden from the main trails was all fenced up with no trespassing signs hanging. Then again, it may be the best way to restore what was lost.

Supai, AZ

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Originally published at on April 28, 2017 .