San Pedro, CA


The rain storm had lingered for the last few days here in California and dumped a whole lot of rain. The heavy rainfall caused floods in many parts. Of course, it meant more snow in the local mountains, which is great for snowshoeing. As the storm eventually dissipated, although the air was still quite cool, the sky started clearing up a bit, and it was a perfect time to step out to the beach for the sunset. When I arrived at the pier, there were a few already snapping shots of the jaw-dropping breaking and crashing waves at the breakwater. But, I was there to capture the sun sinking over the horizon. Especially when I didn’t have to drive over ten miles to the other side of the peninsula because the sunset over the horizon was visible from the pier now (as of late January), I was glad that I was there by the breakwater. Then, I waited for that perfect moment. Soon, the sun sank right above the horizon, and I started pressing the remote away.

San Pedro, CA

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Originally published at on January 23, 2017.