Reasons Why You Should Switch To LED Lighting

In recent years, LED lights manufacturers in India have seen a tremendous growth in the LED lighting market. With the prices of LED lights continuously dropping and the problem of pin-point lighting being resolved, more and more people are now switching to LED lighting.

LEDs are the most efficient lighting technologies currently available to people, and here are a few reasons why you should switch to them if you haven’t already.

1. LED Lights Are Safer

LED lights emit very little UV rays unlike the conventional lights. Long exposure to these rays can cause damages to our skin and eyes. Switching to LED lights especially for things that are UV sensitive such as your favourite piece of art and wine collection is a good choice. Also, LED lights are made of durable epoxy lenses unlike traditional bulbs that are made of glass, and thus are not vulnerable to breaking easily.

2. LED Lighting is Eco-Friendly

LED lights are free from toxic chemicals such as mercury and other hazardous materials that are present in CFL bulbs. But the major reason why LED lights are considered eco-friendly is because they use less energy and produce about 80 per cent lower carbon dioxide emission in comparison to the conventional lights. Switching to LED is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint. LED bulbs are also 100 per cent recyclable.

3. LED Bulbs Last Longer

LED bulbs are extremely durable. Since they do not contain gas-filled tubes or brittle filaments, they are not vulnerable to external shock or day-to-day wear. They can last for approximately 50,000 hours unlike regular incandescent bulbs that burn out within 2,000 hours.

4. LED Lights Can Work In Extreme Conditions

In comparison to conventional illumination methods, LED lights have low heat dissipation. This means that they work in a manner that produces about five times less heat as produced by a regular halogen bulb. Since they create no unwanted extra heat and do not get overheated, they are ideal for hot weather conditions. LED lights can also withstand colder temperatures and hence are an ideal choice during frigid outdoor temperatures.

5. LED Bulbs Provide Instant Lighting

Unlike CFL and incandescent light bulbs that can take a few minutes to reach their full brightness, LED bulbs instantly reach 100 per cent brightness. LED bulbs are great for rooms where you need to turn the lights on and off frequently. Doing so with regular incandescent bulbs might lower their lifespan; however, LED bulbs will continue to light up to their full brightness and last for years. Aid your LED bulbs with the best electrical switches in India.

6. LED Saves You Money

People are initially turned away by the upfront costs of LED lights as they cost more than the conventional lighting options. However, prices are gradually coming down for the LEDs. And in the long run, LED will save you money as these don’t need to be replaced as often as the regular incandescent bulbs and you’ll also see a drop in your electricity bills with less use of energy.

LED lighting not only helps you save money in the long run, but also helps you reduce your carbon foot print. HPL Electric and Power Limited is a leading player in the electrical equipment industry in India. Choose from a wide range of its LED products that have been certified to conform to Indian and International standards such as ISI, CE and KEMA.

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