Photo Credit Ron Dollete, CCBY reproduced as posted on Flicker

Thoughts on Turkey (as in sandwiches, not the country).

Today, at the grocery store where I sometimes buy turkey sandwiches I noticed a real, roasted turkey in the display case alongside the usual turkey loaf.

“Can you make my sandwich from the “real” turkey instead of the loaf turkey?” I asked, pointing like a kid with his nose pressed up to Macy’s window.

Heated consultations ensued. There was arm-waving.

“Yes, we can do that, but it’ll cost $2 extra.”

“That’s fine.”

“But don’t you think the processed turkey, not the freshly-cooked turkey, should cost more?”

I can be a painful bore at times, especially now that Trump has been declared our next president. “I mean, think about it. The processed turkey must have been a real turkey once. So that means it had to be raised just like the other turkey. And then it had all those other extra costs, the added ingredients, storage, shipping, design and engineering, refrigeration for who knows how long. How could that Turkey — the one with all that extra stuff added, end up costing less than a turkey that was a turkey until it ended up sliced between two pieces of bread?”

“I don’t know,” the sandwich maker kind of winced. “I just work here. But I have to charge you $2 more. Is that still okay?”

“Yes, still okay.”

But it’s not.

Not really.