An Open Letter to Adulting

Stop. Just chill, okay?

I do not need to be worrying about gray hairs just yet, but the amount of stress that I have in my life right now has be concerned. From financial things that I need to work out, to planning the rest of my undergraduate career to dreading my 18 hour semester next fall.

The work that I’ve had to do this semester was not terribly bad, but it was slowly piling up to the point that I was not all of a sudden stressed. But now I am thinking about the future and trying to not have an existential crisis.

I’ve always been able to keep a handle on my stress and prioritize/organize easily (except for that time in junior year but we don’t talk about that).

So, adulting. What gives? Is it like this for everyone? Is it an all of a sudden smack in the face, like hello we expect you to do a bunch of shit on your own now. Or a slow build up where one day you realize, holy hell I am adulting on my own. Is it the day you don’t call your parents for advice?

Is college like a trial period, where I get to figure myself out? Cause that’s what I am doing now- figuring out how to adult properly while simultaneously getting a degree and not dying.

Thinking about the future, and adulting more I feel like it’s just a lot of caffeine and pretending to know what you’re doing.

Adulting, do you ever take a break? Is there a time where I can still feel like a kid? Where I can let my parents take care of things? Or am I stuck feeling like I am drowning forever?