Coffee Shop Thoughts

I finally did it. Sort of. I became a person who drinks coffee. Sometimes.

I started drinking tea in high school, but coffee came slower to me. I had to work my way up and drink the girly Starbucks drinks to accustom myself to the taste of coffee. Now, once a week, I meet my friends in the on campus coffee shop and do homework while I sip my mocha. I have achieved the ultimate goal.

People go through periods of motivation, and if they’re like me they crash soon after. I am on a hot streak of motivation right now. I have so many ‘goal’ lists where I detail getting two jobs in the summer and getting 50 hours of shadowing done for grad school. I have plans to learn how to french braid, to eat better. Lent is upon us (Catholics) and I plan on giving up caffeine and dessert for reaslies.

I keep reading articles about ‘how to make your morning routine better’ and ‘how to achieve success in your life’ and whatnot. I have just been psyched to do anything with my life right now. There is a new happiness that I am feeling. Like there’s a weight off my shoulders. I feel like I am more mentally ready to get through the day, like I am more put together.

Obviously I can’t be because I am sitting in a coffee shop drinking water while I put off a paper that is due next week. But that is college for you.

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