You Always Stand Up

There is one quote from Marvel that always stands out to me. I am a huge Captain America fan. I love his story, his beliefs, his character. I enjoy Marvel a lot, and usually downplay my love for their characters. But I can’t help myself when it comes to Steve Rogers. The quotes from his storyline, comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are some of my favorites.

The quote that I always try and live by comes actually from Sarah Rogers, the mother of Steve [casually calls favorite human ever by his first name]. In the Earth 616 comics, Sarah is regularly beaten by her alcoholic husband, and always gets back up after. When little Steve cries to her, asking why she just doesn’t lie back down, Sarah says

“Listen close Steven, you always stand back up”

That line has always struck a chord with me, especially after watching Steve get beaten down in every movie, but always standing to protect his own with his usual catchphrase “I can do this all day” (another top fave!).

I try and follow Sarah’s advice. You always stand back up. You never stop fighting. And you stay true to yourself.

Yesterday, I fell off my horse. I have only been regularly riding for a couple months now, and I wasn’t terribly surprised.

I am accident prone. I have a bad knee from too many years of soccer and tennis injuries. I have had my fair share of horror stories and swollen body parts. And when I started riding again, I only assumed I should fall off at some point.

I had been crossing a stream on my horse when he was spooked by a dog and I ended up falling off, right on my back on a rock in a creek in the woods. I was scared, mostly because I had my phone in my pocket. Everything during the time was a blur. I remember pain and some weird grunting noise I made and the cold of the water. My trainer was calm, but felt so bad about it. I felt fine and wanted to get back on my horse.

And by fine, I mean I felt my heart in my throat for an hour after and was soaking wet for two hours afterwards and can hardly walk today because the rock missed my spine by an inch.

If there’s one thing that I learned, you always stand up. You always get back on, and you don’t let what happened in your past affect your future.

I am going to get back on a horse. I am going to better myself. And I am going to take on the world with Steve Rogers-like ferocity and make sure that I am making a good life for myself and the people around me.

I can do this all day
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