From Dr. Seuss books to The Harry Potter Series, from 5 pages to 500 pages, the type of reader I am has changed immensely over the years. Back in first and second grade, I would have never imagined reading a book with more than ten pages and without pictures. As reading books without pictures that were more than ten pages became a reality, we started to get exposed to the real world of reading, little by little, with harder books as we advanced.

In elementary school, I was never the fastest reader or the best reader in class. I dreaded reading in front of the class or even reading at home. I regret not reading more often as a kid and becoming a more efficient reader when I was young. I was always the type of kid who wanted to find a book about sports, but thinking back on it now, I should’ve opened my mind to different topics and expanded my horizons in reading. I remember one book from elementary school, Flat Stanley, and the only reason I enjoyed reading it was because I made my own flat Stanley.

As middle school arrived, along came all the other factors as well, such as more homework, essays, and studying. Which made it much harder to squeeze reading into all of that along with other obligations, such as clubs or sports. I was never the type of kid to just sit down when I was bored and read a book; instead I was that kid that would never come inside until it was dark out. I could never find a way to make reading fun. I could never find a book that really interested me. If my teacher didn’t assign me a book to read, there was little chance that you would find me face first in a book. The only reason I read in middle school was because I was forced to take tests on the books I read to earn points to keep my grades up. I read a lot of R.L Stine’s Goosebumps books.

As high school became a reality, and teachers started assigning summer homework and summer reading, I began to find myself more interested in what books had to offer and not just books that were about something that I was interested in. Still to this day, I am not the person you would most likely find reading a book in my spare time. However, I have found myself much more interested in different genres of books. As a adolescent, no one thinks that reading can have such a significant impact on their future. A few of my personal high school favorites include Lord of the Flies and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Reading has a huge impact on the intelligence of a person. It makes total sense. The more you read, the more knowledge you obtain. I’m now curious about what I read, and usually find myself wanting to read more and learn more. I recently read Moneyball by Michael Lewis, and absolutely loved it. Now that I actually find enjoyment in reading a book, I have trouble finding the time. In the near future one of my personal goals for myself is to pick up a book, dive in, and see what it has to offer. I have a list of books ready to be explored: The Bourne Series by Robert Ludlum, Nine Innings of Hitting by Troy Silva, and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Who knows, maybe I will become a reader after all.