Sometimes the solutions come to you when you sit there and do nothing

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I came up with the idea to write this article weeks ago. Although constant work pushed me to write this article since that day, I constantly procrastinated by findings some excuses. My procrastination was an extremely normal-looking but confined mentality. Some flimsy reason.

In my opinion, most of the people…

Writing code is just the tip of the iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg — Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS


This is how I see all the hidden facts that we developers usually forget or tend to ignore when we are excited about writing code or implementing something new. In the form of an iceberg…

The iceberg looks small and beautiful from the outside, so people tend to forget its…

“Difficult to make even small changes”

“Breaking functionality of the software by making changes”

“Introducing a new bug by fixing another one”

“Implementing code that is unnecessary”

“Almost impossible to add a new feature because of complicated code”

“The never-shipping product”

“Throwing code away and rewriting it from scratch”


Say NO to rewriting the code

12 months.

That’s the time we wasted while rewriting our software from scratch.

Twelve long months in the software market.

Without innovation.

Without moving forward.

Really, I cannot stop asking this question to myself.

What could we achieve in this fast-moving world in 12 months?

“Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 5:10 PM, AntiMalware…

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