“How am I doing financially?”

Products and services radically re-imagined for all, in an Al and voice-based world.

We are pleased to announce Hppn’s first future-focused design hackathon on Wednesday 27th, June in London. We would like you there.

The event will be run in collaboration with the RNIB, Veni-Loqui, Robot Mascot and FPCG, providing the kind of talent mix which we believe can strike at the core of radical design.

Let’s get to it! The challenge…

Financial institutions need to navigate their way around an open data model; a task which will soon make our previous relationships with finance unrecognisable.

Services that don’t adapt to this new model will die.

So let’s imagine a world where our financial questions move from thought to response without friction, and with this in mind:

  • How would you design a service that could intelligently and sympathetically offer up advice?
  • How would you make finance accessible and effortless for everyone?
  • How could financial information be conveyed without screens or complex statements?
  • How can good design balance the complexities of immediate living costs with long term savings goals?

This project is about nothing less than the future of money. This isn’t business as usual. This isn’t progressive enhancement. This is genuine innovation.

Who should attend?

Those interested in:

  • Disruption of retail banking due to the open data model
  • Designing for voice (conversational user interfaces, VUI)
  • Sentient Service Design
  • Design sprints and rapid prototyping

Diverse groups create better ideas. As such we’re look to assemble a wide range of skills and experience. The only requirement: You’re open-minded and up for collaborating with others in a fun, educational and inspirational environment.


  • Location: 100 Clifton Street, Shoreditch, London
  • Date: Wednesday 27th, June, 2018
  • Time: 9:30–17:00
  • Spaces: 25 (10 spaces remaining)
  • Price: Free

Beyond the hackathon

This is a month long project with the best ideas from the hackathon being taken forward for prototyping on Amazon Alexa, and then tested with real people. The results of these tests — what worked, what didn’t, and ideas for where to go next — will be publicly shared.

To clarify: Attendees of the design hackathon are only required to commit to one day, but those who do wish can be involved in the project over the following four weeks, at whatever level of engagement they feel comfortable with.

Questions or want to attend?

Please email steve@hppn.co.uk