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Most coaches coach from a prescriptive standpoint.

They look for their client’s problems and they seek to fix them.

They want to inspire their clients.

That’s how I started into coaching as well.

Solving problems.

Providing solutions.

Then I realized that something was missing.

I didn’t have the satisfaction from coaching that I had hoped and dreamed to.

Even though my clients were seeing massive results, I wasn’t feeling the great impact.

They were achieving wealth and financial success, but I knew deep down there was so much more to this.

I sat down one day to re-evaluate the type of client that I wanted to deal with.

What I found was that in my own current client roster, that the ones I enjoyed working with most were the ones that didn’t need me.

They were wildly successful by their own right before they ever started working with me and my work helped them achieve the most extraordinary (even impossible) things.

One of my clients, a small boutique owner, had a dream of building an arts centre for children in her community. She had a strong understanding of how arts helped teens to feel like they fit in. To drive them to express themselves in a safe way. She recognized the lack of programs running locally and had a dream to change that.

But to her, it was just that — a dream.

She is a small boutique owner with less than a handful of employees.

Her shop made enough to support her and her staff, but it certainly wasn’t going to afford her the hundreds of thousands of dollars she needed to turn this into a reality.

She had written this dream off as impossible.

During one of our sessions this client revealed this dream to me as a sort of secret.

We were diving into her deepest desires to find her most deep-rooted goals and the arts centre came up.

She said to me “It’s kind of a pipe dream. It’s something I know will never happen but I can see just how impactful this centre would be in our community.

And I said to her “How do you know? How do you know that this will never happen?

To which she replied “Well because I know I will never be able to afford to do it. I don’t want to open a chain of stores I’m really happy with my work in the boutique and love the small family we’ve created. I don’t have influential friends to raise money through a charity. I just hope someone else will come along and do it.

I asked her “Would it be OK if we played with this a little?

Yes, sure.”

Great. Let’s set aside the people you know right now and just dream for a minute. What if your community came together in an event to raise money for this centre. What if you were able to leverage the base of people you know through your boutique to create something really magical that would raise the money to create this arts centre. Let’s not get caught up in whether it’s realistic or whether it’s possible to make happen. Instead let’s have some fun here. What would that event look like?

My client went on to describe a fashion event of red-carpet calibre.

Something so over-the-top where she could use the interesting fashions she carried in her boutique to raise donations for the centre.

Everyone would be made to feel like a celebrity.

And they would open their wallets to bid on pieces and donations in order to raise the funds for the centre.

Then I asked her “What about this feels impossible?

The money to make it happen. The advertising dollars to draw a large enough crowd in to make it ritzy and profitable.

So I asked her “Great. So everything about this is for your community. I want you to look up from where you are right now and think who else around you has the power and money to make something like this happen, and the mutual interest of improving the community?

She looked up from where she was standing (inside her office at her boutique) and said “Well, Sony is right across the hall from me here. They would certainly have the money but I don’t have any contacts there”.

Remember, we’re just playing here. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s possible. Let’s explore that. Sony is a large corporation and I’m sure they do charitable giving. What do you know about their philosophy? If, in this pretend made-up scenario, you were to approach them about this opportunity, why would they say yes?

She gave it a minute and said she was going to Google it.

She pulled up Sony’s giving guidelines on her computer sitting right there on the phone with me and she paused for quite a long while in silence.

She started to cry as she read to me the very first sentence in the very first search result.

Here’s what it said:

“Within the U.S., Sony focuses the majority of its charitable giving on arts, culture, technology and the environment, with a particular emphasis on education in each of those areas.”

Suddenly her dream was no longer impossible.

She had a potential partner right across the hall that she never dreamed of approaching in the past.

She went on to partner with Sony and other corporate sponsors to create her dream event and raised over a half-million dollars to build the centre. They’ll be doing a second event in the near future to raise the rest of the funds needed to complete the build and start the programs in the fall.

As I was reflecting on my clients and what I loved to create, I realized that coaching does so much more than solve problems.

As a coach, I’m not here to heal the sick and the wounded. Coaching helps people reach their higher callings and their un-lived lives.

Coaching expands people’s world.

I don’t have to have all the answers to coach people to do impossible things.

Impossible things start to happen when people are released from their own self-critical egos. When they’re opened to new beliefs.

And this is what I do.

This is the game I play.

I don’t seek to help people recreate my success.

Or to help them with a path of someone else’s success.

If that worked, everyone would read “How to be a Billionaire” by Richard Branson and be a billionaire already.

Instead, I ask the questions that rewrite their stories.

I guide them towards a new fork in their path.

I take them out of their default life.

And the impossible occurs.

xoxo Heather

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