Which Success Personality Are You?

Your thought process and success personality will effect how easily you’ll be able to attract success into your life.

So let’s talk about the three different Success Archetypes that you may fall into and how you can attract success more easily by changing YOUR archetype:

The first is who I like to call the ATTACK DOG.

The ATTACK DOG looks at where they want to go and they go at their plan with no avail. Eventually, along their path from beginning to their goal point, they hit a roadblock.

Now roadblocks happen no matter what your plan is. Even if you had every bit of information, prepared better than anyone else, at some point shit will hit the fan and something you couldn’t prepare for will rear it’s head.

So an ATTACK DOG hits this road block and thinks “Shit. A block!”. And an attack dog starts stressing out and chasing their tail. They stress out like CRAZY, try anything and everything, dig up their bone and bury it somewhere else then dig it right back up again desperately trying to get back on the path towards success.

And eventually they do. They figure it out after a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of anxiety, they make it to their goal.

You know that you are an ATTACK DOG if:

> When stuck, you’ll read every book, blog, listen to every podcast and watch every webinar you can find on the topic until you find something that works for your particular plateau.

> You find yourself stressing out when you come across obstacles in your business.

> You eventually make it to your goal, but when you get there you feel like you just fought an epic battle.

Now the second type of success personality is the WANDERER.

A WANDERER looks at where they want to go and eventually, like the ATTACK DOG, hits a roadblock along their success path.

The WANDERER may try a few things, but eventually gives up on getting to their goal and will always have a reason like “it wasn’t my thing” or “the economy stinks so the timing wasn’t right”.

And the WANDERER will discover a new passion quickly and will start taking big actions towards their goal again, only to come across an inevitable roadblock. This time maybe they made it much closer to their goal than the last time. Or maybe not nearly as far. Again, they give up on that plan stating it “wasn’t meant to be” and move along to start another path.

You know that you are a WANDERER IF:

> You often give up when a plan doesn’t go your way a first time and find a new plan to reach your goal.

> People always say to you “you’re so full of ideas” or “what are you doing now?”

And the last success archetype is the SMOOTH SAILOR.

The SMOOTH SAILOR is that person who makes it look easy. From the outside it may look like they never hit roadblocks at all! They simply sail directly from point A to point B and achieve every goal they set out.

The thing is, though, a SMOOTH SAILOR hits every roadblock that the ATTACK DOG and the WANDERER hits. The difference is how they handle the roadblock.

When a SMOOTH SAILOR comes across a roadblock, they sit back and think “Hmmm… a roadblock”. They identify that they’ve plateau’d quickly and they seek out someone who has already achieved the goal that they are looking to get to.

They’ll go to that mentor or coach or peer and tell them about their roadblock. They’ll find a way to get the answer from that person whether it be money, time, or building a relationship so that the mentor, who has already moved past the same block, can teach them what to do and what NOT to do.

You’ll know that you’re a SMOOTH SAILOR if you walk through your roadblocks with ease and smoothly hit your goal points.

Now there are two really interesting things about these success archetypes:

  1. You may be a combination of one, two, or all three of these archetypes. I know that I’ve jumped around between all of them depending on the situation.
  2. If you can identify which success archetype you are operating under in that situation, you can easily leap to become a SMOOTH SAILOR by changing up your thinking and realizing where you’re at. Seek someone who has achieved the goal you’ve set out and get their help in order to smoothly move you through your block.

Take action today to move yourself towards a SMOOTH SAILOR archetype. Your stress levels and success accumulation will thank you!

Originally published at www.heatherprestanskicoaching.com on April 8, 2016.