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If you do a little thinking (could be risky!) you’ll probably realize that the basic reason you need residential proxies is kind of pessimistic.

That reason is that some of the biggest tech companies have rigged the internet in their favor.

Sure, you can try use the internet to promote your business interests or get the data you need.

But you can’t be certain you’re getting the most value from it. You might be getting geoblocked or being shown manipulated content, for example…. to benefit someone else’s business model.

You can use a residential proxy to fight back and use the internet the way it was meant to be…. …

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We’ve written before about how tomorrow’s “gig economy” will be about how many gigabytes you share through your router.

And that’s a good thing — because regulatory trends are catching up with today’s gig economy.

Case in point: in California, some legislators are pushing to classify gig workers as employees. That means they get some additional social benefits — and are more costly for employers.

As that article points out, there are pros and cons on both sides of the issue. Some people prefer more flexibility and more money in their pocket.

Others like the stability that a chronically bankrupt state supposedly offers. …

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It’s interesting to see how the originally American concept of Black Friday is going international. We’ve even seen creative adaptations like Black Week in some places :)

Even so, you’re going to find the world’s best online deals in the consumer-culture ground zero that is the good old US of A.

In particular on Cyber Monday — the Monday after Black Friday at the end of November — when American shoppers head back in to the office after the Thanksgiving holiday browse for web bargains :)

Are you an international shopper who wants a piece of the action? You have two homework assignments you shouldn’t leave till the last minute. …



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