Racing to the top 5: Proxies for SEO

Aug 21 · 3 min read
There are only 10 positions on Google’s results page — will you make it? Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash

If you own a business, you probably are perfectly aware that the top 5 Google’s Search Engine results get 75% of all clicks. What about other 5683573 pages of records? Some of them will join the fight for one of the top 5 positions, and some will be soon forgotten.

That’s why every business owner must be aware of the importance of SEO in a business growth process. Take a look at what residential proxies can do for your business.

Manual Tools

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of many companies’ growth strategy, that’s why a specialized SEO service provided by an agency or freelancers is extremely expensive.

Of course, there are a lot of awesome SEO tools you can use by yourself, but most of them are also not the cheapest. You can also invest in some kind of DIY (Do IT Yourself) tools, that will help you to automate search engine research and gather all the data you need to create a full SEO strategy. Add some SEO proxies and you’re good. They will help you to track keywords, SEO ranking, and keep your activities under the radar of search engines and competitors.

🕵 Site audits

When developing a business, you can also do an audit on your or your competitor’s website. Normally it takes hours, or maybe even days, to do this because it’s based on crawling and scraping ALL OF THE INFORMATION on the site. This means opening a lot of pages and send thousands of requests to the server of the chosen site.

Ans this is where a proxy network comes in and gathers the information painfully and safely (each site request will use a different residential IP address, so you’re not endangered with being blocked, and all of the needed data will be included in a sexy CSV file within a few minutes.

🏃🏃Competitor Research

Full SEO research covers a lot of topics, eg.title types, keywords vs site rank, link architecture, number of images, etc. All of these are important, and at the same time almost impossible to be done by a human being in a reasonable period. But the problem is gone when you decide to use a detailed website crawl — external or programmed by your employees. It’s an extremely effective tool, but unfortunately this kind of activities ale highly trackable by servers. The trick is not to be seen by the competitors, and with residential proxies, you can spy on them without showing any suspicious activity.

🎖Tracking ranks

The term Search Engine Optimization has a word OPTIMIZATION in it, so it’s pretty obvious it’s not a one-time job, but a long process. It’s also obvious you need to measure your efforts continuously — not only the traffic growth but it’s also important to track how your keywords perform all over the world. Proxies will do it for you and again — they will protect you from being blocked!

👹*Shady trick: simulating traffic

Ok, there is another trick for using proxies in SEO activities. It’s really shady but you should be aware of it, as your competitors may use it on a daily basis. It’s a traffic simulation, which is basically pumping a lot of traffic to the website to take the SEO performance to the next level and show the site on a high position in Google ranks.

To be honest, we’re not fans of this kind of grey zone activities and if you decide to go this way — it’s your responsibility, ok?


You already know where to find the best proxy network — right?

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