Residential Proxies: Boost your business in a ninja way

Boosting your business to the next level is a hard nut to crack. You can either try to do it for YEARS with blood sweat and tears or just start looking for a team of ninjas that will make the job done earlier than you expected. Why ninjas? They are fast, anonymous and extremely effective. And they’re ninjas — duuh!

Aug 19 · 6 min read
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There’s no one better to do a complicated job than a ninja

There’s no place for stagnation when you own a business — either you go up, or down. Going down doesn’t sound very sexy, so we should better focus on getting you to the next level, which is never simple.

“Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them.” — Jarius Raphel in Legend of a ninja

If you were to do everything alone, it would take a longer while, and we bet you have not too much free time as a business owner. That’s why you should hire an invisible team of residential proxy ninjas, that will do the job 785439758375893 times faster than any human. So stop dreaming about a powerful business - just take some action!

It’s no time 4 dreaming, it’s time 4 sum aksion!

But before you’ll hire your ninja brigade to throw some stars all over the web, you have to understand what kind of outcome do you expect.

Why does your business even need a residential proxy?

An average percentage of bot-generated web traffic for the last 2 years was 40, and more than half of it is generated by so-called ‘bad bots’. Those bot villains are not always so bad, to be honest. Of course, there are a lot of viruses spreading by some of them, but others can be really effective in gathering valuable information without harming anyone. And that pisses many businesses off, which results in blocking such bots.

And this is where your residential proxy ninjas should walk in like they own the place — they’re practically invisible for blocking mechanisms.

As you already know, residential proxy service is an awesome tool — in opposite to VPNs, the IP addresses belong to real people all over the world, so they’re practically untraceable and unblockable. And that means they can help your business in many fields without being brutally blocked.

Pricing Intelligence

Competition never sleeps, especially if you own e-commerce business. Things can get really brutal, especially when it comes to pricing, but the industry is so tempting, that everyone wants a slice of the pie. If you know e-commerce good, you should be aware that constant monitoring of competitors’ pricing is a must to drive your sales volume.

But let’s be honest — one person is not enough for this job unless you’re willing to wait a long time for the results. It’s a task for Pricing Intelligence ninjas.

They’re able to crawl a huge part of the web in a short period and provide very valuable information that will help you to adjust the pricing strategy to your competitors’ offer.

Brand Protection

When you’re visiting a holiday resort, such as Barcelona or Athens, you’ll most likely run into people selling a lot of stuff on the streets. “Gucci, Ray-Ban, Nike!” — you can hear behind every corner, and to be honest — you probably don’t give a sh*t the goods are not original, maybe even laugh a little bit. We get it — you're not Nike, so it’s funny. But what would your reaction be if your brand was violated this way? Not very positive, I guess.

And it’s not like only big brands are being stolen from — you can become a victim too. Because you know — the smaller the business, the bigger are the chances of stealing its intellectual property without being tracked.

To check if someone out there is violating your brand, you need the help from Brand Protection ninjas. By using residential proxies, you can find out if someone is ripping off your brand, even if they blocked this specific content for people from your location. And then you can proceed taking down the cheating competitor like a boss.

Market Research

Using residential IPs for market research has become a common practice in almost every industry.

The world gave birth to so many businesses, that it’s practically impossible to execute a proper Market Research as an individual, and very time-consuming for a whole team of experts. Not to mention that most of the businesses are clever enough to protect their websites from other corporate addresses. That’s why using residential proxies can be the only solution sometimes.

Gathering data via residential proxies is a common practice, and slowly becomes a must on a way to business success.

Ad Verification

According to the WFA, by 2025 ad fraud will be the biggest market for organized crime, and its worth will rise up to $50 billion.

And yes, we know trust is important, but from time to time it’s good to check if your marketing team does their job properly, and that the ad placement provider is not a scammer. Especially since advertising is not the cheapest activity ever, and you can never predict its impact on your business growth.

Keeping safe from ad fraud is not only conducting research before launching any digital campaign, but it should also base on research after the launch.

Nowadays, advertising fraud has reached a new level, as it’s really easy to pump non-valuable traffic to any website and create fake ad impressions. In consequence, your ads never reach the targeted audience, you lose a lot of money and your business gets stuck.

But it doesn’t mean you should resign from promoting your brand or service online. You probably will in a few years, since the dawn of traditional internet advertising is really close, but now just focus to get the most from your activities.

Using a residential proxy network for ad verification will help you to ensure the ads are on the right websites and they reach the desired audience at the right time. You’ll be able to detect fraud, improve your ads’ performance and check the landing pages in a quick and anonymous way.


As I said, the end of traditional digital advertising is coming, which means that SEO and Content Marketing are the new black of promoting any brand or service. If you’d like to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization company, you need to expect you’ll spend a lot of money on their activities. Plus another bag of money for SEO tools.

SEO is the new black of brands’ digital activities. Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

And the fact is YOU DON’T NEED AN AGENCY to optimize the shiaaaat out of your website. Just use residential proxies, which will help you to make the most of these tools you use and scale the whole SEO operation the way your business needs the most.

If you implement proxies to your SEO strategy, you will be able to do site audits (on your or competitor’s website), research the SEO competitors, quickly scrape data (like keywords, etc.), track the ranks and check the search engine in any country. You can also simulate SEO traffic. Maybe not very classy, but for sure effective — the decision is up to you.

Wrapping up

Times are changing and, obviously, businesses too. If you want to save some time, money and nerves on your way to the next level, consider using residential proxies and get rich by just watching them doing their job. This service could help you in more ways than a traditional marketing/sales agency.


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