Two Cyber Monday Homework Assignments To Start Early

Sep 6 · 2 min read

It’s interesting to see how the originally American concept of Black Friday is going international. We’ve even seen creative adaptations like Black Week in some places :)

Even so, you’re going to find the world’s best online deals in the consumer-culture ground zero that is the good old US of A.

In particular on Cyber Monday — the Monday after Black Friday at the end of November — when American shoppers head back in to the office after the Thanksgiving holiday browse for web bargains :)

Are you an international shopper who wants a piece of the action? You have two homework assignments you shouldn’t leave till the last minute.

First, get a reliable package consolidator and forwarder in Oregon, Delaware, or New Hampshire.

These businesses receive your packages from American e-tailers like Amazon, consolidate all the items into a larger package, and ship it to you in your country.

Shipping is usually free within the United States, and these companies help you save on shipping internationally from the USA to your country. One big package is usually more economical than several small packages.

Why Oregon, Delaware, or New Hampshire? No state sales tax.

If you have one in a different state with sales tax, it will be an unnecessary expense of 5–10% on top, usually. Major e-tailers like Amazon will charge it at checkout depending on the address of shipment.

We won’t advise on any one company here. We do, however, advise starting a relationship with one of these companies earlier rather than later. Don’t wait till the last minute and be surprised by subpar performance with your packages worth hundreds of dollars!

Second, get a residential proxy service for full access to American shopping websites.

You can’t get the Cyber Monday deals if you can’t see them.

Some American retailers intentionally block international visitors — even if you’re using a VPN. We’ve written a lot about this before.

So do your homework and visit the sites you’re interested in ahead of time. If you get blocked, find a good solution for access.

We recommend not wasting your time with VPNs that could get blocked at any time — and might even get especially targeted on Cyber Monday. Remember that it is probably American e-tailers’ busiest day of the year. You can expect them to have their security systems on full alert!

But with a residential proxy you’re practically guaranteed access. To their VPN-bashing bots, you’ll look just like an American shopper whose business they desperately want :)

You can, of course, get the most affordable residential proxies on the market with the most flexible pay-as-you-go pricing here at Hprox!