What a Disintermediated Proxy Network Is and Why You Should Care

Aug 16 · 2 min read

Today, disintermediation popularly refers to “minimizing the middle man” in a market, usually through an efficient piece of software.

For example, everyone knows how Uber has disintermediated taxi companies — which are essentially middlemen between clients and taxi drivers — by connecting drivers and riders with an easy-to-use interface. The streamlined, automated system helps drivers earn more and riders pay less.

And now disintermediation has come to the residential proxy industry!

Hprox brings together the main sides of the market for residential proxies:

  • Businesses and privacy-minded individuals who want to access the entire web without filtering or manipulated content.
  • Individuals who get paid for providing their residential IP addresses to other individuals and businesses who want to do the above.

Before Hprox, it wasn’t easy for either group to find each other. That meant:

  • Businesses had a great demand for residential proxies and no way to get them at scale.
  • Residential IP providers had a huge opportunity to earn from this demand and no clear way to do so.
  • Yesterday’s biggest residential proxy middlemen — like taxi companies — were able to insert themselves between the two sides and charge businesses premium prices without paying the IP providers anything. Why did the IP providers do it? Various reasons — but they all boil down to getting something that seemed free. In other words, they didn’t pay for the product so they were the product. Same reason that many people use the supposedly free social media platforms.

And so fortunately for all sides, Hprox has cut out these middlemen with a disintermediated proxy network.

But you shouldn’t care about the disintermediation (or whatever they will call it next). You should care about the money it puts in your pocket!

You probably don’t order (or drive) an Uber because you like the theory behind the business.

You do it because it works better and easier than ordering (or driving) a taxi. You pay less to ride and you earn more to drive.

That’s the same reason the disintermediated proxy network just works better.

For anyone who needs residential proxies for total access to the web’s full content, we have the best pricing you’ll find — pay-as-you go with no commitments.

For anyone who wants to earn money providing residential proxies, you have the best earning potential you’ll find! We pass the overwhelming majority of our revenue directly to our IP providers.

So whichever side of the market you’re on, do proxies your way with Hprox. Use our disintermediated proxy network today!


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