Gross revenue share now supported in HiveMP

You can now use HiveMP to calculate revenue share based on gross income. This is designed for game developers who need to pay royalties based on gross amounts (such as Unreal Engine’s 5% royalty).

Gross amounts have been added to invoice and invoice payment line items, and you can distribute revenue share based on these values by enabling it on your revenue share rulesets.

Invoice Editor Improvements

We’ve updated the invoice editor to support gross amounts on line items. As part of these improvements, we’ve also improved validation checking for the invoice editor, which will now catch missing values and invalid financial amounts before allowing the invoice to be saved.

The invoice editor has been updated to support gross amounts on line items.

New options in Ruleset Editor

We’ve replaced the “Options” section in the revenue share ruleset editor with a new “Distribute” option; this allows you to choose between distributing from the net amount, gross amount or source amount (the amount received in your bank account).

The previous checkbox for source distribution in the ruleset editor has been replaced with all 3 options; any rules that had the previous option enabled will now be shown as distributing from the “Source amount”.

The “Options” section has been replaced with “Distribute”, allowing you to distribute from either net, gross or source amounts.

Changes to Invoice Payment Editor

Invoice payments will now show gross amounts on any line items that have a gross amount specified on the invoice. If you leave the gross amount field empty on a line item on an invoice, you won’t see any gross amount options on the invoice payment editor for that line item.

The invoice payment editor now displays gross amounts per line item.

Finally, you can see here the revenue share transactions generated from posting the above payment. In our example ruleset, the main company revenue is distributed from the source amount (bank account), and as such has it’s transaction in the local currency instead of the distributor’s currency. The revenue distributed to Epic Games is 5% of our $110 USD gross value.

The resulting transactions for this example, with the correct royalties calculated for Epic Games.

Updates to Stripe integration

As part of our work in this area, we’ve updated the Stripe integration in Revenue Share to use its own set of dedicated fields, instead of the source amount:

Image for post
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The new “Stripe Request Amount” field.

Once you’ve saved your invoice payment for the first time, you’ll be able to set the Stripe request amount, which will be displayed on the invoice and contribute to the amount charged to the payer’s card.

Since Stripe now uses it’s own fields, enter any amount into the Amount Received field in order to save the invoice payment.

Now, when the invoice payment is paid by the customer, we’ll automatically update the Amount Received field based on the amount Stripe will pay into your bank account, before the invoice payment is posted. This means you no longer need to unpost and repost a payment paid with Stripe if you’re distributing from source amounts.

Getting Started with Gross Revenue Share Distribution

If you’re an Unreal Engine developer and need to calculate royalties on game sales, you can save time and money by using HiveMP’s Revenue Share system.

To get started with Revenue Share, sign up for HiveMP today. All of the improvements announced today are immediately available to all existing customers, at no additional charge.

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