New Scheduling API available in HiveMP

June Rhodes
Feb 1, 2018 · Unlisted

HiveMP now offers a REST-based scheduling API, which you can use to schedule callbacks to HTTPS endpoints at certain times.

Lightweight, reliable scheduling

When rolling out the new reservation-based ticketing system for JamHost, we needed an efficient and reliable way to automatically expire reservations after 15 minutes. To help us achieve this, we built a generic scheduling API that everyone can use into HiveMP.

It’s pretty simple to use; just call the /schedule endpoint with the full HTTPS URL and the UNIX timestamp (UTC) when you expect HiveMP to call it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

To prevent abuse, you first need to validate that the endpoint should receive callbacks from HiveMP.

Validating an endpoint

To prove that the endpoint should be called by HiveMP, you need to add a DNS TXT record with a list of valid paths that can be called by HiveMP. More details are here, but roughly if you wanted to have callbacks sent to, you’d need to create a DNS record like so, where the JSON value is the text value of the record.:

TXT    ["/callback"]


While the scheduling API is available in an Alpha launch status, pricing for the API is currently set at $0.0001/callback. If you utilise the scheduling API, you’ll see these billing items appear on your invoice.

We’ll be adding appropriate product pages to the main website for the scheduling API in the future.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or issues with the new scheduling API, please get in touch via our support channels.

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