Embrace The Coming Bitcoin Fork (3 of 5)
David A. Johnston

I’m so happy! I just wasted ten minutes of my day on a list of vacuous arguments from a man who cites as has his priority an irrational and completely untenable (not to mention unfalsifiable) belief system. In case you missed it, I’m talking about Christianity. And before you go blasting me for religious intolerance, try to absorb the fact that I don’t believe in Santa either.

There have been thousands of hard forks. They’re called alts. And that’s what all Bitcoin <insert catchy phrase here> are.

Mr. Johnston’s arguments are so half-baked, dead-end, and non-sequitur that I don’t even know why I’m dignifying this garbage with a response. If he is a developer, he demonstrates clearly that he isn’t a good one. If he’s not, he needs to defer to more capable voices.

And suddenly I’m reminded of the arrogant and uninitiated Roger K. Ver.

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